Monday, September 29, 2008

last post of today I PROMISE TO THE UNIVERSE

So I was reading this, like, yesterday, and I think everyone has a go-to outfit. Mine is basically a barfload of colors and then a cardigan on top. Always a cardigan. I'll never have enough. In fact, this morning, I was dying for a red one but alas, I only have a red leopard print cardigan, so my outfit idea failed :[

Anyway, for work today, I wore what as been my go-to outfit ever since I bought the dress and shirt and tights and shoes...which was probably last winter. But I have worn this outfit multiple times, the exact same way. It's perfect though -- I mean, Blair Waldorf, comfy sweatshirt material, put-together button down, red tights, the most comfortable flats I own -- what more could you ask for?!?! For serious. If you can answer that, I'll give you five bucks.

Oh wait. That's a complete lie. I'm broke. I just got my measly paycheck of not-even two hundred bucks today and I plan on spending half of it on a major (if you can even count 100 bucks as major) shopping spree on Wednesday...jeez I need a rich husband to marry. (jk i'm never getting married....but that's a different story). The good thing about not having any money is I spend a lot of time at the public library where everything is free! Unless they you're a terrible person and return books late (I do all the time...bad me.)

And I swear I'm not nearly as angry as I look in the first picture! I'm all smiles.

Dress, Old Navy. Shirt, Target. Tights, Charlotte Russe. Flats, Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.

now i can camoflage in a herd of zebras!

Two things I've learned in the last 20 minutes and over the course of this blog, respectively:

1. This zebra coat/jacket is possibly the awesomest Sal's find EVER.*
2. I don't hate my legs as much as I used to or as much as I thought I did. Yay for improved body image!**

Really awesome zebra coat, Salvation Army.
Black belt, Salvation Army.
White belt, H&M.

Oh, my faces in these photos just get better and better :P

*I removed the shoulder pads (euchh) and there's a button missing that I still haven't fixed, but I'll get around to it eventually.

**That being said, there is always TONS AND TONS of room for more improvement, but hey, aren't we all victims of negative body image?

pop, six, squish, uh-uh, cicero, LIPSCHITZ

Cardigan, altered/used to be mom's. Nude Cami, Daffy's. Black lace cami, Charlotte Russe. Skirt, H&M.

Tights, Charlotte Russe. Heels, Payless. Boots, R2 via Famous Footwear.

Tomorrow I'm going to Boston to visit Harvard and MIT! :] Yayyy.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Taking pictures in my room is impossible! It's too small. Not to mention full of crap. (Hence the stub legs. As if my legs aren't stubby enough :] )

Dress/tunic, Old Navy. Tights, Target. Shoes, Target. Earrings, H&M.

I'm going shopping on Wednesday after school, hopefully, because I'm getting PAID tomorrow and I haven't had real money since that NYC trip where I spent it all (heehee whoops!). NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM SO EXCITED.

I think the focus for the shopping trip will be SHOES. Because I love clothes and all, and the Universe knows that I need clothes for fall/winter, but I can make clothes. So I plan on getting the majority of my clothes from good old Hector! Anyway, since this blog gets rather boring with daily outfits all the time, I'm doing some Awesome Stuff I Need lists. :]

These all come from: Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, and maybe but maybe not Forever 21 and DSW.

Friday, September 26, 2008

dieu merci c'est vendredi

happy friday!!!

after the longest week of my life, i have never been more excited for the weekend! expect me to finish two (one for me, one for a friend!) Homecoming dresses! And I mean it, if you don't make me, they might not get finished. So hassle me about it please!

yesterday(but i didn't end up wearing the boots):

Tee, Old Navy.
Dress/Skirt (the blue at the top is part of the dress), made my me from two teeshirts.
Boots, R2 via Famous Footwear.


Jeans, Guess via Loehmann's.
Pink tank, Charlotte Russe.
Cardigan/Shrug, diy recon from Salvation Army.
Flats, Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

almost vintage

This skirt used to be a pair of reeeeally old shorts that were in my mom's closet. I died it this shade of blue because the floral print used to be on white, which just looked awful. It's SO close to being vintage, only one or two years off. :] They were my mom's first item of American clothing when she came from China all those many years ago!

I switched it up a little...

Skirt, used to be mom's shorts.
Green tank , Old Navy.
White tank, Hanes men's A shirt.
Cardigan, JCpenney? I don't know, it's pretty old.
Flats, H&M.
Earrings, China.

Monday, September 22, 2008

happy fall!

Unfortunately, I'm not wearing a very fall-y outfit, even though I really wanted to. But I really have nothing to wear (no, really, I don't! I swear!).

Dress, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren via Salvation Army. Sweater, Marshall's. Boots, R2 via Famous Footwear. Headband, NYC.

Today my friends told me:
"You look like a Valentine's Day card until you get to your boots, and then you look like an emo Valentine's Day card."
"You look like Christmas."
...with love of course <3

Saturday, September 20, 2008

extremely in-your-face colored hippie.

So I don't actually look like a hippie, but I am wearing my Peace sign earrings and tonight I sat in a grassy field and made a hippie headband from those tall grassy things that look like wheat. :] And I wore my black boots that I wore earlier today, and I really wished they were brown fringe boots. Maybe I should become a hippie. My school is already full of them, no joke.

Anyway, this outfit is a result of me: 1. not wanting to take off my tights; 2. not wanting to wear a skirt; 3. really digging the colors of these shorts.

I have not been feeling myself lately. And it's probably a combination of college applications, schoolwork, and my ex-boyfriend being really obnoxious. That is why I was sitting alone in a grassy field making hippie headbands. But I enjoyed thoroughly. :]

Shorts, Marimekko for H&M. Tights, Target. Cardigan, Eddie Bauer. Belt, H&M. Earrings, NYC.

fall is just around the corner

I wore boots for the first time this fall today! It's a LOT earlier than usual, but I was unusually cold.

TARGET TIGHTS ARE THE BESTEST EVER. Seriously. Not just because they're cheap, and I buy them on clearance for $2. But because they are the perfect thickness, stretchiness and they have good colors. I wish I'd bought a million pairs last winter.

Skirt, Goodwill recon. Boots, R2 via Famous Footwear. Sweater, Urban Behavior. Denim jacket, Marshall's. Scarf, Chinatown NYC. Earrings, NYC. Tights, Target. Sunglasses, Forever 21.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

is it friday yet?

ughh today is going to be very long and very busy and i have a Calculus test that I could very well FAIL.

some brightness to liven up the day:

Jeans, Guess via Loehman's. Cardigan, H&M. Belt, Goodwill. Shoes, Sarah Jayne via Shi by Journeys. Headband, NYC.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

who the hottest in the world right now, just touched down in london town

Last night I made this dress while helping a friend with his physics homework =) I'd say both the dress and the physics were successes.

The dress itself.

Close-up of floral. it's ridiculous how many colors are in this!

The X-back.

I wore this to school with a green pashmina, but I didn't put that on until after I took the pics, so just imagine some lush falsely labeled 50% silk/50% cashmere fabric around my neck (bought from Chinatown in NYC, 3 for $10).

Dress, made by me. (The fabric came from this dress I found at Salvation Army that appeared to be handmade too.)
Cardigan, Eddie Bauer. Tights, Charlotte Russe. Pumps, Payless.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

watermelon? carrot? pumpkin?

I kind of just gave up and threw on some random colors, because I love colors as you can probably tell. I was running late so I ate my breakfast while I took these pics :]

Tee, Target. Skirt, H&M. Shoes, Bakers. Cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats with Cinnamon Clusters =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

twice in one day! blasphemy!

I decided I didn't like my outfit from earlier. So I wore a different one to work :] Anddd I know, I know, I've worn ALL of these items before in the last like, two weeks, but I don't see anyone from school at work with the exception of one person, so who really cares?

Skirt, used to be Christopher&Banks shorts, via Goodwill. Blouse, Nordstrom Rack. Belt, Salvation Army. Pumps, Payless.


lately i've been feeling kind of unlike myself, and as a result i haven't been putting any effort into my outfits, which hopefully explains the lack of excitement in this one. (my pose might make up for some of that too!)

Green shirt, Heritage 1981. Cream tee, H&M. Skirt, used to be American Rag bermuda shorts. Flats, Steve Madden.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

september 11th

I remember this day pretty vividly. On September 11, 2001, I was in fifth grade. I remember no one telling us kids in school that day, though I'm sure the teachers were aware of what had happened that morning. At the end of the day, before school was dismissed, we were let outside to play on the playground. My dad came to pick me up and I was really confused as to why he was there because he should have been at his office. That's when he told me what had happened in New York City and Washington DC, and that since he works for the state, they were given the day off.

Earrings (my homage to 9/11):

Dress, Goodwill. Cardigan, mom's closet. Shoes, Charlotte Russe. Belt, Goodwill. Earrings, NYC.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I decided to make these brownies because they are obviously WAY TOO COOL not to. Sadly, I ran out of red food they all ended up being, like, green. Oh well.

And then, as if Really Awesome Tetris Brownies weren't enough, I'm sharing last year's Halloween Costume! This is Really Really Really Really Awesome. Really. Fellow blogger, Lemon is the red piece. That's me in the yellow square! Someone thought I was a slab of butter...butttttt whatever. C:


So, I attempted to curl my hair this morning, but I look like an old maid or something, but whatevs, I can deal. This outfit is extreeeeeeeemely comfy!

Dress, Old Navy. Tee, Random street vendor in China. Tights, Charlotte Russe (crappy!). Shoes, Patricia Field for Payless. Earrings, somewhere in Montreal.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

color my world

I'm feeling bold so I'm going with the crazy colors. I don't mind if I look like a clown threw up on me.

Dress, Old Navy. Tights, Claire's. Shoes, Payless. Tee, GAP.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

you can shock me like an electric eel anytime, MGMT.

Reactions to this video:
1. what. the. fuck.
2. Again, wtfff?!
3. whoaaaa acid trip.
4. I want to have hippy parties in the woods.
5. Is that a banana?
5. bear? really?!
7. Maybe it's a bong?
8. They caught the moon.
9. They cut the moon.
10. The moon is barfing in technicolor.
11. I want to rub moon juice all over me.
12. Wait's a horn..??
13. there are motorcycle dudes exploding out of the moon!
14. Whoaaa, lemme watch that again. I need to watch that again.

come mister tallyman, tally me bananas

this dress reminds me of bananas, even though bananas aren't the same color.

it's saturday, which means i just throw on something uncomplicated, because i don't do much anyway. and dresses are probably as uncomplicated as it can get!

Dress, Heritage 1981.
Tank, Urban Behavior.
Flats, Steve Madden.