Friday, November 13, 2009


I have finally finally finally launched my Etsy shop! Right now it only has two items so far....but I have a bunch of other items I still have to photograph and/or list!

Check it out:

I came up with the idea for this sunglasses rack because I desperately needed a place to keep all those cheap sunglasses I keep buying! (I've bought FOUR PAIRS in the last two months alone!)
So I made one for myself (not pictured) and so far have a couple for my Etsy, but definitely plan on making more.

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Denim dresses.....what's the verdict?

I never like denim dresses when I see them on celebs.....but I had to try it out myself anyway. What do you think?

Dress, made by me.
Tights, H&M.
Shoes, ALDO.

Dress, made by me.
Shoes, ALDO.
Sweater, thrifted.
Scarf, gift.

Halloweekend 2009!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweekends! I definitely enjoyed mine.

On Thursday, I dressed up as:

a nerd!
Shirt, thrifted.
Pants, thrifted.
Belt, stolen from mom.
Shoes, thrifted.
Glasses, shop in Providence, RI.

On Friday, I dressed up as:

80s Madonna-type.

With a Michael Jackson glove.

(Because we went to a "Thriller" Party).
Glove, made by me.
Skirt, Express.
Lace top, stolen from mom/altered.
Tank, Old Navy.
Belt, thrifted.
Pearl necklace, garage sale.
Chains, craft store.
Pink pendant necklace, gift from mom.
Fishnets, Claire's.
Earrings, Claire's.
Scrunchie, old teeshirt.

On Saturday, I dressed up as:

The Ocean!

Dress, made by me.
Shoes, NY&Co.
Earrings, were handmade keychains (made by my mom's friend)

One of my friends went as a giraffe. I helped make her costume:

And now for some more Halloweekend fun:

And last but not least, THE JONAS BROTHERS.

so legit.

Also, can you believe it's already November?!