Monday, August 30, 2010



Oh, The Right Hypotenuse. It's been a long time, Old Blog, and I'm sorry but I think we should break up. It's just that we were so young when we met, and I think it's only natural that as we grew up, we also grew apart. I have to leave you; it's over. Also, I met someone else. Someone new. New Blog and I have a future together, and you, Old Blog, you and I just don't. I'm sorry. I loved you but it's time to move on.

No, no, you didn't do anything wrong. It's not you, it's me. I've just become a different person than I was 3 years ago, and I have to move on.

What's New Blog's name? Oh, it's ape-z. Yeah, it has the same name as my etsy shop and my facebook page and my twitter account. You were just the odd one in the bunch and I had to change that.

Look, I'm really sorry. I hope we can still be friends. We can still get together sometimes and look back on our years together. I love a good trip down memory lane. Like, remember our first post? Crazy.

Okay? Are you going to be okay? Okay good.

Please don't stalk my relationship with New Blog, ape-z by following the blog with bloglovin' or subscribing to its feed. That would just be creepy.


That was weird.

But seriously, I'm moving to a new blog!! I hope that this one will be prettier and funnier and better and smarter and generally more attractive than my ex-blog. Just like all boyfriends should be in relation to ex-boyfriends.

the new header at my new blog!
So go ahead and read my first post on my new blog! And then read my second post on my new blog! And then continue to read all the future posts on my new blog!

(count the number of times i linked to my new blog in this post? first person to answer correctly wins a virtual hug? ehhh? ehhhhh?!)

love and right triangles,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

finally found the perfect leopard print flats

In 9th grade, I bought a pair of Rocket Dog leopard print flats for $15 in the clearance section at DSW.
And I wore them to death. I still have them and I still love them but I can't wear them as much because they get very gross very fast.

So I've been on the hunt for a new pair for quite a while, but every pair I found was either weirdly shaped, too expensive, or had some strange feature that I just didn't understand (like being metallic or bejeweled or fuzzy).


Target saved my life. But it wasn't just any Target. Out of the four Targets in my area and, only ONE Target had these shoes. Seriously. They weren't even online!
Given the mysterious elusiveness of not only these leopard print flats but of all leopard print flats known to mankind, I had to buy them, even if I had to shell out a whopping 25 bucks. (kidding, though I never really spend that much on shoes)

I took the opportunity to wear my romper to work training today since rompers are really ridiculously impractical for wearing in many other situations. PLUS, it's finally nice and warm and sunny and August-like. Wearing boots and tights in August is just not meant to be.
Lexy at Quirky Explosion (one of my most favoritest blogs) requested a tutorial on my nails. Since I love her so much, I will totally do it, so stay tuned for that! :)

What else can I do for y'all? Tutorials? more DIY? more nail polish? Let me know!

romper, Marshall's, $7
cardigan, H&M, $15
shoes, Target, $25
earrings, Claire's, $1

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

inspired by proenza schouler spring 2010.....even though it's basically fall

When I wasn't at work this summer, I was probably at Marshall's. It was pretty bad.

But there was this tank top which looked exactly like this skirt:
Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 (

And it was on sale for $7. So I bought it, and then I went to a local fabric store and bought some wide black elastic, and this outfit was born:
had to take these photos in the bathroom.....
now that i'm back to school i have no place to take photos......
note the radtastic nails :)
Maybe I'll just suck it up and awkwardly take my photos on the quad where everyone can see me...miiiiight have to think about that for a while.

skirt, diy, $7 + $2
two yellow tanks, Old Navy + Urban Outfitters, $3 + $5
cardigan, Marshall's, $7
shoes, H&M, $13
belt, F21, $2

love and right triangles,

diy nail art: rainbow explosion! kapow!

neon rainbow nail polish
neon rainbow nails from Wet N Wild, Delia's, Claire's, Urban Outfitters and Color Club

I'm at school! Hurrah!

I moved in on Sunday, and I'm still working on decorating and organizing my bajillion possessions and piles of stuff. But WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. sorta not really.

Anywayyy, starting tomorrow I will actually have things to do, like training for my new job. BUT DON'T YOU FRET, readers, outfit posts are coming!

For now, feast your eyes on this supahhh sweet nail art I did today. It's all kapow rainbow explosion tie-dye shazam wowzah kablooey!
diy nail art rainbow tie-dye design polish
Every time I look down at my nails, my eyes go awoogaaah. It's pretty spectacular.

happy wednesday!

love and right triangles,

ps: I have something in the works. You may not find out for a couple weeks. Stay tuned.
pps: if you do some stalking, you miiiight figure it out. yes, that's a challenge.
ppps: kidding. you should just wait and see :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

georgie porgie and a super simple diy

Meet Georgie Porgie, my turtle ring! This is quite possibly my favorite ring EVER. All its limbs move, AND it has a rhinestone shell, AND it was only 8 bucks at Target, AND I used to have a turtle ring whose limbs also moved (but didn't have a rhinestone shell) in middle school, but it broke after an unfortunate incident in which its shell was ripped off its back by an aggressive carpet. So I think this ring and I are meant to be. And my friend took the liberty of naming it Georgie Porgie.
I whipped this outfit together this morning real quick so I'd have something decent to wear on my last day in town! The skirt was made from a pair of thrifted shorts, and I made you a quick tutorial which is riiiiiiiight here!
(click to enlarge)

Making skirts from the crazy thrifted shorts I find at the Salvation Army definitely deserves a spot in my top ten favorite pasttimes. Sometimes they are awkwardly poofy in the front, but I don't really mind. And if you find knit shorts, then the poof doesn't happen :) And like I said, I've done this many a time: see examples here and here and here and here and here again.

The teeshirt is just an inside-out thrifted cotton tee with chopped up sleeves and a scoopier neckline.

Packing is still a work in progress. Sigh. Now bumping it up to turbo mode so I can say goodbye to my friends without massive anxiety attacks, and so I can get a decent night of sleep tonight. Leaving tomorrow morning! whee!

skirt, diy
tee, diy
belt, thrifted, $2?
shoes, Payless, $8
ring, Target, $8

love and right triangles,

Friday, August 20, 2010

nail polish roundup

Packing sucks. I cannot stress this enough. And I know I sound like a whiny drama queen brat when I say that packing is the worst thing in the world, because really there are tons of awful things happening around the world and in people's lives that actually affect them, and I know that. But when I pack, I turn into this snobby snooty whiny miserable brat. And according to this article, I can expect to move EVERY YEAR of my 20s. UGH UGH. I hope you all feel my pain and aren't judging me for being such a whippersnapper ;D

Anyway, all of my clothes are stuffed away, and I stupidly did not think to set aside clothing for the next few days...mostly because I was going to sew new outfits, but of course, I have NO TIME because PACKING SUCKS. Anyway, now I am living in the same clothes until I do find the time to make a new outfit, which is admittedly gross. 

So instead of an outfit post, I've decided to do a nail polish roundup post (see above photo).

Apparently I really like blues, greens and purples. Also, RAINBOW NAILS! my fave :)

I'm not much for prints, but I'm anxious to paint me some polka dotted, striped, and leopard print nails :D

Organizational and other DIYs coming up in the next few days! Stay tuned, folks.

love and right triangles,

PS: shoutout to my lil sis who turns 15 today! Crap, I'm getting old.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more of the same color scheme

apparently, i'm really into greens, teals, yellows and blues these days.
 I wore blues and greens yesterday, and I'm wearing blues, greens and yellows tomorrow too. Must be a case of blue-green-yellow-itis?.....Or not.

hard to see, but i'm wearing BRIGHT blue eyeliner (MAC eyeshadow in Zingy)
 Since I've pretty much packed all of my clothes away, I have no choice but to sew/refashion this week's outfits! This skirt used to be....a skirt. But now it's got a different waistband, a shorter length and a lining (it's quiiiiitee sheer). And this tank used to be a teeshirt. 

skirt, diy, thrifted, $3.
tank, diy, thrifted, $1.
cardigan, Heritage 1981, borrowed.
shoes, Marshall's, $7.
earrings, store in Montreal, $4.
eyes, MAC eyeshadow in Zingy and Maybelline Great Lash mascara.

From the comments it sounds like lots of you are packing/heading to college too, so perhaps I will do some DIY tutorials on various organizational things I'm making in the next couple days? Yahh yahh?! I'm making lots of Ultimate Accessories Organizers, electronics-related doohickeys, pillows, lunch-related thingamabobs, and possibly tie-dying some stuff, if I get around to it. Would y'all be into that?

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

double belted

I know you can't really tell, but this dress has hummingbirds on it!
And inspired by many a blogger and the September issue of Glamour, I wore two belts instead of one. It really wasn't that exciting.
I was also in desperate need of a new bag, so my friend who is a Purse Expert picked on out for me :) Aside from the blatant pleather-ness of it, I like it :D
dress, H&M, $8
cardigan, thrifted Michael Kors, $5?
shoes, Marshall's, $3
earrings, Bakers, gift
belts, Forever 21, $2 each
bag, Aldo Accessories, $35

To do for the rest of the day:
hit the gym

love and right triangles,

PS: I forgot to list these skirts up on my etsy check them out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

quicktastic update

Once again, I've been failing at outfit posts because I haven't been wearing anything besides yoga pants and work uniforms, but today I went out for sushi buffet with some friends, so here's a simple classic-april boring solid-colors-and-neon-accessories outfit.
skirt, diy recon from thrifted shorts, $3?
tank, Forever 21, $3
belt, Forever 21, $2
shoes, thrifted, $3
cardigan, H&M, $15
earrings, Sustainable Gifts Fair/
I'm leaving for school on Sunday, and packing is absolutely the most dreadful thing I can imagine, so I started packing yesterday because if I don't start to pack at least a week in advance, I will die of anxiety.

PLUS on top of packing, I need to sew a million things and make sure I leave my room nice and tidy, and like, half my friends' birthdays are this week BLEHHHHH.

But my last day of work was Saturday and I'll be doing errands/hanging out with friends/shopping/going to doctors appts all week, so hopefully that equates to an outfit post a day!

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pretty pretty pretty

I love days when I have excuses to put on real clothes.

My work uniform consists of a teeshirt and whatever pants or shorts I want. Today, I wore yoga pants.

But then, I went on a Starbucks date with a good friend and then we frolicked in my favorite park. :)
Lately, I've been into pretty pastels and softness rather than bright color after bright color.
But I'm still rockin' neon earrings:

Bows and sillybandz!
(The sillybandz are for work, I swear! I work at a daycare, so EVERYONE has sillybandz. I was feeling left out. So I bought too many :P )

top, Marshall's, $7
shorts, Target, $8?
tank, Target, $3
shoes, thrifted, $3
headband, Claire's, $3
ring, Forever 21, $5
earrings, Claire's, $1

It is so ridiculously hot and I hate it because our air conditioning has been broken for two years and my room is the hottest room in the house, so I can't stay in it for more than 15 minutes without melting. Which means I can't sew or clean or craft and it's extremely frustrating. BLEH.

In other news, I'm going back to school in 11 days! WHEE HOO!! blagablagabloo! Can you tell I'm ridonkulously excited?

love and right triangles,

Monday, August 9, 2010

John Mayer is beautiful

John Mayer last night was amazing. I love live music; it's something I crave when I don't get enough.
(crappy iphone pic of screen)

John Mayer is sexy. There's no better word to describe him. :)
I got my hair cut last week :) It's so much shorter and lighter and would have been perfect for summer, except that summer is almost over at this point. But whatevzz, it'll be great for fall too.
You may have noticed that I haven't been wearing a lot of handmade clothing lately....WELL. That's because I've been working too much and therefore shopping too much with my paychecks that I SHOULD be saving. 

Like this whole outfit. Head to toe, everything down to the nail polish was purchased in the last month, if not in the last week.

And I used to hate bangles, but now all I want is to build up a massive collection.

romper, Marshall's, $7
cardigan, H&M, $10
shoes, Marshall's, $3 (SCORE!)
earrings, Claire's, $1
gold bangles, Claire's, $1
red/white/blue bangles, Claire's, $1
peach nail polish, Claire's, $1
blue nail polish, Delia's, $2?
eyeshadow, Urban Decay and MAC

I have the day off today and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

love and right triangles,