Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it's starting to feel like summer...finally

Our school, evil as it is, made all 357 of us graduating seniors come to school at 8:30 AM on a summer day so that it could read off all our names in alphabetical order. This was our rehearsal for the graduation ceremony.

Okay. So it wasn't THAT bad. It was pretty damn boring and useless, especially since I'm basically the last person to graduate (curse my last name), but they did feed us food afterwards, so it all worked out :]

Anyway, graduation is on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited :D Yay for being done with high school forever!

So this is what I wore to the rehearsal. It was BEAUTIFUL out today. And still is, I suppose, since it's only 1PM.

At my grad party, one of the activities was tie-dying, and this tank top is one of the results :)

I love being able to take photos outsideeeeee!

shoes, Payless.
skirt, diy recon from a pair of shorts, thrifted.
teeshirt cardi, diy recon from a Target tee.
tank, Hanes. Tie-dyed by a friend.
belt, Forever 21.

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Sal said...

Love those VIBRANT colors, beautiful! So excited for you to graduate. On to the next adventure, eh?