Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly truffles...

Okay no, not silly truffles, but THE Foolish Truffle. It's my friend and Sal's-buddy's new/refurbished blog -- go check it out!

In other news, I am embarking on a ridiculous two-and-a-half week Yellowstone road trip with the family, leaving tomorrow morning at four AM to drive for FOURTEEN FREAKING HOURS IN ONE DAY all the way to Chicago. Lordy, I am going to die about 80 or so times on this trip, one from being attacked by a bear at Yellowstone, the rest from sheer shock, boredom, embarrassment, or carsickness. I hope to be with you again when I return.

While I'm gone, I may be able to post a few times; I will certainly try my hardest. My clothing selection is limited though, be forewarned.

Thus, I leave you with some final outfits to feast upon!

Top, ~$10, GAP. Trousers, $6?, Salvation Army. Hat, $cheap, Target. Bag, $15, Strawberry (in NYC). Shoes, $10, Shi by Journey.

Shirt, $8, Target. Tank, $3, Target. Shorts, $10, Marimekko for H&M. Belt, $3, Claire's. Shoes, $15, Bakers.

Skirt, $10, H&M. Tank, $3, Target. Shoes, $15, Baker.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The cool-cats in the hats

Last night I went to see The Dark Night (which, by the way, was amazing!) and since we had to get to the mall so early in order to get tickets, we had time to discover this little vintage store and TRY ON HATS C:

And also, what we wore:

My friend and Sal's buddy :]
Skirt: Salvation Army
Top: Delia's
Shoes:Used to be her mom's
Clutch, Necklace, Scarf: Not sure/gifts/taken from cousin's Brazilian gf

And me.
Dress: Forever 21, $13
Belt: Claire's, $3
Flats: DSW, $15(waaay before everywhere started carrying leopard flats, tyvm!)
Earrings:Somewhere in NYC, $3
Bag: NY&Co, $10 (i think)
Watch: West Point Military Academy gift shop, $15 (yeah, i know, what an odd find!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

pump it up

I was browsing around at thePayless online store and saw these:

And I have fallen in love. I've always loved pumps, and these are cheap so I'm tempted to buy them in every color (okay, let's be real...I'm flat broke so to me they're not that cheap). But they are a lot cheaper than these similar ones I saw on Closet Therapy.

the vesting game

Vests are still awesome, right? They've been a 'trend' for forever, and I've seen them everywhere in magazines and stores and whatnot for ages, but never on a real person. Why? Maybe I just live in an anti-vest town.

Last night and this morning I made this vest from a skirt/shirt/dress thing from Sal's (Salvation Army). I love the colors. Button inspiration comes from a T-shirt Surgery post on Livejournal. Stay tuned for actual outfits with this vest!

Monday, July 21, 2008

if i were a flower growing wild and free...

Top: Heritage 1981, $4
Skirt: Salvation Army, $3

Sunday, July 20, 2008

frilly, not chilly.

I've become obsessed with ruffles. Especially tiered ones. It's inexplicable and inextricable. WHY?!

I plan on making lots of ruffley dresses and tops and skirts...when I get around to it.

[photo credits:,,,]

project! paint, earrings and shoes

I've been trying to clean and organize my room for a while (Read: my entire life). It's still a hopeless cause. But at least now, I have a floor and a legitimate BED. (I used to sleep on a mattress on the floor.)

My weekend project:
I broke out the paints to make this earring holder. I have about 80 billion pairs of earrings and they always end up getting lost or misplaced or broken or accidentally thrown in the garbage. I take really good care of my stuff.

And while I had the paints out, I decided to work on painting these shoes. They started as all black canvas, and then I half-assed a paint job a while ago and have been wanting to gussy them up some more. I'm still not in love with you have any suggestions?

Friday, July 18, 2008

yo it's ape-z; and my First Photoshoot Ever

This is kind of a double whammy: an intro to who I am and whatnot, and some photos.

First things first. I'm April, and yes I was born in April. I'm seventeen and I live in New York (but not the city). I made this blog because I've been spending the last few days poring over style blogs, and I am so inspired and envious of it all. So why not make my own? Anyway, I'm a designer, a diy-er, a shopaholic, a broke high schooler, a creator, an artist, and a math nerd.

Those blogs off to the side there [----------->] are the most of the ones I have been digesting as of late. They are amazing!

Without further ado.

This is a super awesome sequin-tastic mini sweater dress that was once a huge sweater that I found at The Salvation Army.
Dress: refashion Tights: Target Shoes: Payless

Dress: me Long Sleeve: Old Navy Shoes: Charlotte Russe Necklace 1: was once nana's Necklace 2: Forever 21

Dress: Talbots, by way of Salvation Army tank: Old Navy shoes: Xhilaration (Target)

<3 thanks to my lil sis for letting me force her into taking these pics!