Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly truffles...

Okay no, not silly truffles, but THE Foolish Truffle. It's my friend and Sal's-buddy's new/refurbished blog -- go check it out!

In other news, I am embarking on a ridiculous two-and-a-half week Yellowstone road trip with the family, leaving tomorrow morning at four AM to drive for FOURTEEN FREAKING HOURS IN ONE DAY all the way to Chicago. Lordy, I am going to die about 80 or so times on this trip, one from being attacked by a bear at Yellowstone, the rest from sheer shock, boredom, embarrassment, or carsickness. I hope to be with you again when I return.

While I'm gone, I may be able to post a few times; I will certainly try my hardest. My clothing selection is limited though, be forewarned.

Thus, I leave you with some final outfits to feast upon!

Top, ~$10, GAP. Trousers, $6?, Salvation Army. Hat, $cheap, Target. Bag, $15, Strawberry (in NYC). Shoes, $10, Shi by Journey.

Shirt, $8, Target. Tank, $3, Target. Shorts, $10, Marimekko for H&M. Belt, $3, Claire's. Shoes, $15, Bakers.

Skirt, $10, H&M. Tank, $3, Target. Shoes, $15, Baker.


Lemon said...

i love the first two, the shorts and the pants and the well-done nautical. You should wear that hat EVERYWHERE. Have an amazing road trip, try to family bond and appreciate the beautiful nature more than the mall of america, the mall will probably be around longer.
We/I need to wear heels more often. You're pretty good with it.

Dang said...