Sunday, April 19, 2009

going cazhjcs (i have no idea how to abbrevz casual...take your pick of letters)

Today was the perfect opportunity to:
1. grab a friend
2. microwave some instant indian/japanese meals
3. throw said meals into a picnic basket along with manymany juiceboxes
4. take said picnic basket to the park
5. monopolize the basketball court by sitting in the very center circle
6. enjoy food and sun :)

jeans, some department store.
shirt, used to be mom's.
shoes, thrifted. and awesome.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is the definition of neontastic.

I bought this neon green stretch lace fabric off of eBay (here) and it is AWESOMEEEE. Made these leggings today, and I just want to wear them every day, with everything, even though that would just result in eyesores and headaches :P And they work perfectly with my painted shoes, and THIS SWEATER. Can we talk about this sweater?! Found and purchased at good ole Salvation Army :)

shoes, diy painted (original white shoes from H&M).
leggings, diy made from scratch.
sweater, thrifted.

need this in every color? yes please.

Forever 21 Linen Strapless Dress, $12.50.

Friday, April 17, 2009

"you like like someone from kansas"

shirt, thrifted.
dress, made by me from a teeshirt.
tights, H&M.
flats, Patricia Field for Payless.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

feelin' girly; flowery

This week, the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS and I can't even take it.

flippy flops, NY&Co.
skirt, H&M.
tank, Old Navy.
cardigan, H&M.
flower headband, NY&Co.
sunglasses, Forever 21.


My BFF Duncan and I went to Montreal last weekend (ya know....since we're 18 now and the drinking age in Canada is not 21...jk jk). We got totally wasted! JUST KIDDING. I guess we could have. But we kept it classy and just ordered some drinks with dinner :) Pukin' and partyin' aint my kinda scene.

Anyway, check it out:

His mother is ADORABLE and likes to knit, and she knit us these duckies (just in time for Easter) and inside were plastic easter eggs filled with chocolate! She also baked us cookies shaped like duckies, bunnies and eggs! INSANITY/I LOVE HIS MOTHER/I WILL FEED MY CHILDREN BUNNY COOKIES ONE DAY.

Armed with passports, waiting at the border for longer than necessary.

Waiting at customs for foreeevzzz gets supahh boring.

...getting there...

Finally in Canadaaaa!!

Le Pont Champlain (or Champlain Bridge)

Gorgeous wall-o-fun in the Palais des Congres.

And us!

ahahahahahaha best teeshirt ever. Wish I bought it. :P

Yummy pear pastry!

And finally, the best part! We went to the Atwater Markets (which you NEED to check out, fo'realz) and there was a bakery that soldddd...dum, dum, dummm!...RABBIT BREAD:

du pain lapin!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spring break is the best

Whilst in Montreal last weekend, I came across these babies:

(which you can purchase here, if you'd like)
And guess where my next stop was? Not the cash register at that overpriced department store, but the H&M down the street! I got me some plain white canvas shoes, not unlike those above (although of course, not colored) and did me some arts and crafts :]

Check it out:

And also:

dress, diy from an XL teeshirt.
shoes, NY & Co.
sunglasses, Forever 21.
flower, H&M.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

say it with me: SPRING. FREAKING. BREAK.

Finallyyy school is DONE (at least for a short while). And the weather is gorgeous! A fantastic turnaround from icky, rainy and SNOWY yesterday.

I'm in denial. It's summer, okay? OKAY? Okay good. And yeah, I know this is why I keep getting sick, but I LIKE IT TO BE SPRINGY/SUMMER IN MY HEAD, and we're going to keep it that way.

These sunglasses ROCK.

skirt, supahhh fast and easy DIY.
tank, Urban Behavior.
cardigan, H&M.
shoes, NY & Co.
belt, Forever 21.
sunglasses, H&M.
earrings, Bakers.
toenail polish, NYC Color.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recycle it!

For art class, we had to create something, anything, out of recycled objects. Here's what I did:


Monday, April 6, 2009

sorry for the sudden barfage of posts.

I guess that's what happens when you take a break, and then accumulate MILLIONS OF THINGS to blog about. I'll take care of a few right now.

First, one of my friends recently had me model for his photography class assignment, and here are the results! yay!

Secondly, I've been tagged! Rachael of Fruit in a Box tagged me to pass on "Seven Things You May Not Know About Me"...y'all know the rules: if you get tagged, tag seven more people to do the same!

So here goes, 7 things about moi!
1. I love to climb trees. My favorite is the one right in my front yard, but it's getting to be too small....I used to climb it all the time! first grade...haha. Still, it's a great place to just sit on a nice day.
2. I didn't know how to ride a two-wheeled bike until I was ten. Before that, I always rollerbladed while my friends biked. It felt so good to finally learn, but now I want to go back to rollerblading! I just got a new pair for my birthday last year, so I'm planning on breakin' them out this summer!
3. I'm a huge fan of Alicia Keys. I have her poetry book and every one of her CDs. She's amazing.
4. I am so beyond excited for college that I forget that I am also completely beyond petrified for it too.
5. On a similar note, I can't believe I'm graduating in less than three months. INSANITY. Me? old? out in the real world? what?
6. I took a bubble bath today, and my hair and skin smell delicious :) Go Bath and Body Works!
7. I'm going to Montreal, Canada this weekend with the same friend that took those photos above. Yay!

I tag:
Modern Marie

Pink Blue Whale
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Time to...go to the gym? Goodbye, hair-that-smells-so-yummy!

private tea party for two

My and my good friend Isaac Newton had tea together (along with many other mathematicians and scientists, like Albert Einstein).

My throat is killing me, so a tea party was an obvious solution. I'm home sick from school, watching Sesame Street and Dragon Tales while I put together a craptastic poster about fashion during the Renaissance (and in French, no less!).

So naturally, after watching PBS Kids for too long, it was time to step it up and discuss Einstein's theory of relativity, while drinking flavored black tea.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm so looking forward to spring. Not this rainy, windy, fever-inducing crap (yeah I'm sick again..) but sunny, fun, gorgeous and bright lets-go-for-a-picnic SPRING.
gorgeous color.

love the beading

these are just fantastic.

Must be purchased before this kind of day comes along again:
I took these photos at the park right by my house on that day that felt like summer about a week ago. That day neeeeeds to come back!


awesome shoes
awesome shoes by a2ztuesdays featuring Ylang|23 jewelry
preen pastel summer
preen pastel summer by a2ztuesdays on
NEON by a2ztuesdays featuring Tarina Tarantino hair accessories

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

just after dawn

Finally, it's light enough, and warm enough, to take pictures outside before I leave for school, and natural lighting is waaay better than anything else. YAY SPRING!

cardigan, thrifted.
skirt, Express.
belt, thrifted.
flats, Patricia Field for Payless.
cami, F21


I love the colors of this.

I made the dress out of this NEON teeshirt I bought at the Salvation Army :] I need more neon, more more moremoremoremore. MORE. NEON. (addicted much?)

Dress, diy.
Shirt, used to be mom's.
Sandals, Chico's.
Hairclip, China.