Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We interrupt this program...

I'm still on break, and I'm getting lots of stuff done but I just had to show you this!


(Notice the Halloween decorations of my neighbor)

Snow + Orange leaves + Halloween Decorations ≠ common sense.


Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm taking a break. It should be short, like a week. But I really have no time to blog this week. College applications are due on Saturday, Halloween is on Friday, and I'm already dependent on coffee to get all my crap done.

Anyway, the majority of this week will be spent in sweats, so it's not like I'll have anything to show. But I am sewing a lot, and I have an outfit or two up my sleeve, so definitely check back next week! OH, and halloween costumes too! :]

Thursday, October 23, 2008

thank god it's almost friday.

It does not feel like Thursday. I don't even know what day it feels like, but all I know is, I need a few days off to DO MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS before they are due which is NEXT SATURDAY and I am so not ready and ughhhhhhh I hate the college application process.
I have another interview tomorrow, this time for Columbia which is MY DREAM SCHOOL. I hope it goes well.
I didn't actually wear this hat, but it was there, and it worked, so I figured a picture would be good...but my face, oh god it was bad. Hence the hand.

And this is what I wore last night to my friend's house for a Physics study sesh which resulted in wasting three hours watching boys be creepy and play ping pong. Ohh, what a life I live. :]

Oh and my MIT interview went well! :]

Outfit 1:
Top, Nordstrom Rack.
Pants, Forever 21.
Shoes, Payless.
Hat, Target (gift).

Outfit 2:
Wrap top, Marshall's (I'm pretty sure I bought it for a dollar!)
White tank, Marshall's.
Pants, Forever 21.
Socks, from some Regatta (I used to row)
Headband, GAP.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I hate school.

I want to get into college.

I need to sleep for days.


Tee, China.
Nude cami, Daffy's.
Pants, Express.
Shoes, Bakers.
Headband, Gap.
Earrings, Virginia Beach.
Coat, Salvation Army.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I-I know jus-just what you are-are-are

Yes I eat cookies for breakfast. -nom nom nom-
No, not really. It was a friend's birthday, and we all know I love to bake for my friends. Chocolate chip cookies! Yummmmm.

I have an interview with an MIT alum tonight! I'm pretty nervous but that's just asking for a bad interview, so I'm trying to be confident and totally ready for it.

Dress, Forever 21.
Vest, American Rag.
Boots, R2.
Tights, Target.
Necklace, Forever 21.

Monday, October 20, 2008

it was f-f-f-freezing this morning!

This morning, it was ridiculously cold outside. But the thing is, what with global warming and all, I cannot for the life of me tell if this is how cold it's supposed to be in October in Upstate New York.

Oh! And this boots are from Sal's amazingly fantabulous Shoe Swap 2008! I got these amazing boots from Morrisa who sent these delicious wafer cookies along with the shoes! They're from the Czech Republic! HOW COOL IS THAT? I kept the box just because it's so awesome.

Jeans, Salvation Army.
Dress, Heritage 1981.
Cardigan, Salvation Army.
Boots, Shoe Swap.
Coat, BJ's (yeah! I know.)
Scarf, Chinatown NYC.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The other end of the spectrum

\I had A LOT of fun this weekend. My friends and I did a photoshoot and it was absolutely the time of my life. I have never laughed so hard and had so much fun ever. I promise to post the pictures soon! There are LOTS of them, so get excited!

Anyway, on the other end of the Things I Enjoy Doing scale...I was dumped. I won't go into all the details of this particular relationship but if you remember, I broke up with him sometime in August (we'd been together for 7 months), then we got back together only 2 weeks ago, and he decided to break up with me today IN THE EXACT SAME WAY I BROKE UP WITH HIM. Like, down to the last detail. Kind of funny actually.

Well. Needless to say, I was upset about it, but for now, I'm over it. Whatever. His loss. Being single is more fun anyway.

This is what I wore. I just kind of threw it on, and once I took the pics, I realized it wasn't particularly flattering, so I threw a jacket over it. Whatever, I'm pretty apathetic about everything at this point. But, I do like the colors.

Sweater, GAP. (it's supposed to be a tee, but I bought it in XL so it'd be a dress.)
Tee, Old Navy.
Tights, Target.
Flats, H&M.
Scarf, Chinatown NYC.

Friday, October 17, 2008

sweet legs.

This fabric was too cool so I had to snatch up a couple yards of it last time I went to Joann, and it became a pair of leggings/pants/things!

Tights, made by me.
Boots, R2.
Dress, Express.
Tank, Old Navy.
Earrings, some cool store in Montreal.
Hair, fresh outta the shower.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"maybe cause you were hotttttttt today"

This skirt is quite the eye-catcher. Walking through the halls, there were at least four people whom I didn't know AT ALL who I caught whispering to their friend, "omigod i want that skirt" or "whoa, look at her skirt." haha, it was interesting. I just like it because I bought it at Express for ten bucks when it was original priced at 90. Amazing!
......wow my face.....

Skirt, Express.
Sweater, Old Navy.
Belt, Goodwill.
Shoes, Patricia Field for Payless.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

zebra <3

Today, my friend told me I looked like a jungle :] but that's because my school tote is leopard print (never pictured). I made this skirt over the weekend and it's very fun to wear =)

And I couldn't decide which color combo to wear, so there are a bunch!

Skirt, made by me.
Tights, Charlotte Russe.
Blue Pumps, Charlotte Russe.
Orange Cardigan, Eddie Bauer.
Blue Cardigan, H&M.
Belt, F21.
Green tank, Target.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back to school we schlep :[

I haven't posted any outfits in the last five days because I haven't had school since Wednesday! Yay five-day weekends <3! (Though still NOT long enough...)
Lace tee, Salvation Army.
Pants, Forever 21.
Nude cami, Old Navy.
Pumps, Payless.

One of my bestest friends turned EIGHTEEN today!! And I hate him because he can vote and I am extremely envious. But I still love him, so I baked him a cake. And not just ANY cake, but a GREEN CONVERSE HIGH TOP CAKE. Because he wears black converse sneakers ALL the time, and I want him to spice it up a bit and get some green ones, or something. Kind of an old inside joke, but ANYWAY. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

some blog lovin'

I GOT TAGGED!! This is so exciting! Thanks a million to Sal <3

So I guess I just pick a bunch of people to spread the love!

I gotta give this to my friend Lemon of The Foolish Truffle and Fashion Babbler and Andie at High Voltage.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

oh-em-gee NERDDDD

In AP Physics today, we were working on a friction lab, and basically my teacher just lets us turn the room upside down to find materials. So, while looking through a drawer:

Me, forming a huge grin: OH MY GOD, MR. DELANO WHAT ARE THESE?
D-lo: They're nerd glasses.
Me, almost dying: OH MY GOD I KIND OF WANT THEM.
D-lo: You want them? You can take them. They've been there for years.
At this point, D-lo is probably marvelling at the strangeness of the only girl in his class.

But really. In all serious. These glasses are perfect. Complete with masking tape and everything!

Dress, made by me.
Sweater, Marshall's.
Tights, Target.
Pumps, Charlotte Russe.
Scarf, Chinatown NYC.
Belt, Forever 21.

Monday, October 6, 2008

one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

ANNOUNCEMENT: 'me and the ex-boyf' is now 'me and the boyf' :]

So today I felt like a cowgirl.

Skirt, Nordstrom Rack.
Tights, Filene's Basement.
Boots, Isaac Mizrahi for Target.
Cardigan, Salvation Army.
Tank, Urban Behavior.

Yesterday I saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. MICHAEL CERA IS A GOD. Holy-fracking-bejeebers I LOVE HIM.I highly recommend this movie. SO AWKWARDLY HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

i don't know why i can't take my eyes off of you

I feel so old! Even though I'm only seventeen (officially seventeen and a half as of yesterday). But I've been to FOUR homecomings, and last night was my last one ever. Craziness!

So here goes:
Homecoming (and other dances) Through the Ages!

9th grade:

Dress, Filene's? I dunno, but it was only 7 bucks.

9th grade Snow Ball:

11th grade Homecoming:

Red dress, Charlotte Russe. Shoes, Charlotte Russe.
Green dress, made by me. Belt, thrifted.

Anyway, I made my dress for Homecoming last night, and I also made my friend's!

The back is my favorite part!

My friend's dress:

And just for fun :]