Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Boston was wonderful, as expected. I LOOOOOVED Harvard and thought MIT was eh. Too bad both schools are impossible to get into. :[ Anyway, neither is my first choice anyway. (Though both are probably seconds).


Dress, Diane Von Furstenberg via Salvation Army (!!!!!) seriously awesome buy.
Shoes, Charlotte Russe.


Dress, Salvation Army.
Tights, Claire's.
Boots, Famous Footwear.
Scarf, Chinatown NYC.

Oh! And don't forget, I went shopping and bought major stuff at Forever 21 and Express, so stay tuned for those! (And a SERIOUSLY AWESOME buy at the MIT Coop)


Carla said...

Both dresses are looking fabulous!! Great find from Charlotte Russe...

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

I have say that that Diane Von Furstenberg dress is spectacular! Great find. You are so lucky to have a fabulous place to go thrift shopping.

Love the purple tights too! ;)