Friday, October 3, 2008

finally some color!

More new buys from this week's shopping spree!

Chuckie got in the way:

I'll spare you a rant, but I'm completely wiped out. I went home from school this morning after my first class, and I immediately collapsed in my bed and took a four hour nap. It was wonderful, but man, I need more sleep. It's kind of unfortunate that I only got to wear this outfit for a couple hours!

Pants, Forever 21.
Belt, Forever 21.

Black tee, Marshall's.
Green tee, Gap.
Pumps, BCBGirl à la Daffy's (NYC).
Red necklace and Rainbow necklace, both made by me.

Dieu Merci, C'est Vendredi!

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Sara♥ said...

I love, love, love this outfit!