Monday, October 20, 2008

it was f-f-f-freezing this morning!

This morning, it was ridiculously cold outside. But the thing is, what with global warming and all, I cannot for the life of me tell if this is how cold it's supposed to be in October in Upstate New York.

Oh! And this boots are from Sal's amazingly fantabulous Shoe Swap 2008! I got these amazing boots from Morrisa who sent these delicious wafer cookies along with the shoes! They're from the Czech Republic! HOW COOL IS THAT? I kept the box just because it's so awesome.

Jeans, Salvation Army.
Dress, Heritage 1981.
Cardigan, Salvation Army.
Boots, Shoe Swap.
Coat, BJ's (yeah! I know.)
Scarf, Chinatown NYC.

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Sal said...

Hurrah! Another happy shoe swappa.