Sunday, August 31, 2008

two days until bondage.

Okay, school is not really bondage. Most of the time. ACTUALLY, I'm really excited for school. To start, I get to go home at NOON every other day. NOON! N-O-O-N. As in TWELVE PM. DID YOU HEAR ME?! How fracking sweet is that? Gotta love block scheduling and senior year course loads. Of course, that also means that every other day, I also have five straight blocks (7 hours) of classes, with no lunches or frees. But I can deal. (Noon!)

Anyway, ACK. With two days of summer left, I have been frantically preparing myself for school. Priority One: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL OUTFITS. Because of the above-mentioned block scheduling, I, unlike many suburban American high schoolers, have TWO first days of school, TECHNICALLY. Anyway. A sampling:

*Jeans, Guess via Loehman's, $9. (Omigod I am in love with these jeans - sooo comfy!)
*Pumps, BCBGirl via Daffy's, $23.
*Belt, H&M, $5.
**Blouse, Nordstrom Rack, $10.
Tank, Old Navy, $3.

*New York City trip success story.
**Mall of America (highlight of my ickle Yellowstone Roadtrip)

Happy Labor Day (and Labor Day sales)!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

new york city is where the heart is

I'm hoooooome! New York City was a blast, as always, and my friend and I did some awesomely awesome shopping. But first! Packing for night we were there was the best part. New York City ≠ upstate NY suburb. So we could have a little more fun with these outfits, and it was very satisfying.

Skirt, Express. Beater, American Rag. Top, H&M. Slingbacks, Payless.

Cardigan, stolen from mom. Beater, Target. Skirt, Express. Shoes, H&M. Other shoes, Payless.

Skirt, H&M. Beater, Target. Tube top, Express. Shirt, used to be mom's. Flats, H&M.

Dress, Goodwill. Cardigan, stolen from mom. Belt, Borrowed. Shoes, Bakers.

I think I'm sick of stuffing vocab in these, so I'll pass for today. Maybe just a couple times a week. Otherwise, it's overkill.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stepford wives are creepy, especially when they make cupcakes.

I haven't actually seen this movie recently, and I'm thankful. It was creepy, and absurd, and just not good. But the dresses are classic and the cupcake scene was hilarious:

You won't find these dresses worn to a bacchanalian [orgiastic] party; you'd be more likely to find salacious [lecherous; erotically stimulating] looks. But regardless, these women, however robotic and creepy, are fairly gregarious [friendly; outgoing; sociable] so i won't cavil [raise trivial objections].

Here's my version. Look at me go! Whisking that air like no other! So maybe it's a little prosaic [lacking imagination or excitement; dull]. I'm still developing a ken [range of knowledge] in the fashion world, and I'm searching for movies to inspire me at the moment. (Any suggestions?) I'm heading out to the library later to pick up divers [several] great films.

Dress, made by me. Cardigan, Talbots Kids! (I love digging through old clothes to find they totally work and still fit!). Earrings, Target.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to NYC with Lemon and some guy friends tomorrow and I am ebullient! [bubbly; overflowing with excitement] I hope this post wasn't too abstruse [difficult to understand] what with all the vocab throwing up on you! Seriously, you don't have to read the text if it's too much. I understand. Have fun all of you in the nexus [connected group] of style bloggers!

[photo credits:,]

Sunday, August 24, 2008

new york citayyy <3

I'm going to New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday to do some MAJOR shopping. And, oh yeah, we're visiting Columbia and NYU too.

Anyway, with steely determination, I will bring home:
1. oxford pumps
2. booties
3. satchel
4. light scarf

Hmm, so these "wishlists" are pretty poorly made, but I already posted once today >-<

[photo credits:,,,,]

Holy Vocabulary!

[click to enlarge]

In ten days, it will be my first day as a high school senior. Hallelujah! Of course, that also means APPLICATIONS, (re)taking the SATs, a bajillion and one AP courses and most of all, DEATH x_x

Butttt, going to school means actual, regular, normal and frequent outfit posts, which I am very excited for, since I started this blog after school got out this year.

Thus, in an effort to learn approximately 300 vocabulary words before the October SAT date, and to get blogging regularly, I'm going to use 10 new vocab words in each blog entry every day. (Ooooooh, aaahhhh.) Here goes nothing.

I guarantee you that no matter how hard I try, this blog entry will not be pithy [concise and meaningful] so I'm asking for vindication [clearing of blame]. I will, however, write with ardor [zeal; passion].

This outfit isn't really august [majestic; awe-inspiring], even though it is still August. But can't you picture someone very insidious [sneaky, steathily, treacherous] wearing this? Actually, I take that back. I can see someone like Charlotte York wearing this. She'd wear it to Sunday Brunch with her husband, having a happily conjugal [pertaining to marriage] life. (Maybe with just the pearls...I don't think Ms. York would wear lime green plastic beads or a three dollar belt.)

Although my sister usually takes my photos for me, she's not obsequious [too easily compliant; fawning]. So today, I test out the timer. I think this post is the harbinger [forerunner of what is to come] of my future posts -- timers-only photos, no need for the little sis!

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you didn't, I don't blame you. If you did, don't become vindictive [vengeful] and hurt me! I'd like to remain anthropoid [humanlike].

Hooooooooly crap that was impossible. I probably used....ALL of those words incorrectly. I hate vocab. It doesn't even really help on the SAT, but I'm learning them partly for fun/college/life/getting smarter as well.

Dress, diy refashion from Delia*s Pants.
Lace cardigan, diy refashion.
Belt, Claire's.
Pumps, Payless. (I realize they look like flats in the head-to-toe pics)
Green Plastic Beads, Claires.
Pearls, used to be Nana's.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

circle of life

If it were up to me, I would have stayed home all day in PJs and gone to work in sweats. But no, it's my friend's birthday, so I had to throw on something decent, for his sake.

[click to enlarge]

Tee, Target (Women's plus...on clearance for $3 so I bought it and adjusted the size). Earrings, Bakers, $8-ish.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's about time

It's also my sister and photographer's birthday! Yay for 13 years old-ness! :]

Despite it being her first day as a teenager, I made her take a photo of me (hey, I'm taking her to the buy crocs...butttt that's a different story.)

Pants, Express, $10 on sale. Top, Marshall's, $3? clearance. Cardigan, mom's closet. Flip flops, Old Navy, $2.50.

And while in Minneapolis, MN before going to the Mall of America, we went to the Walker Art Center's sculpture garden, where I saw this. And I thought, that'd be really cool inspiration for clothing, the whole organic floral-ness contrasted with the steel structure.

And then I thought...oh wait...

[photo credit:, Balenciaga S RTW 08]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Please Excuse My Disrupting Absense of Styling

(phew! that acronym was mind-exhausting -- i really need school back)

But anyway, I have returned from my Ridiculous Yellowstone Road Trip with the fam, and I am SO GLAD to be home. I have plenty of new stuff to show! So stay tuned :]

For now, just some polyvoring.

And I have always been in love with cardigans, they're so versatile and easy. This fall/winter, I want some not-so-boring ones. Cute details make the clothes!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops

Look at these enticingly juicy and delicious colors. Do you love them or what? And yeah, maybe oversized clutches aren't the most practical thing you could carry, but who said fashion was practical?

And yeah, they're super bright despite it being almost fall, but you can wear them with anything, ie, your fall/winter wardrobe...kinda like this, only imagine a far better example.

[photocredits: google]

Friday, August 1, 2008

i can TASTE fall. Yumm!

Some of my wants/needs/lusts, but also, unfortunately my can't-haves. :[ Boo being a poor highschooler with nary a job in sight.