Monday, August 25, 2008

Stepford wives are creepy, especially when they make cupcakes.

I haven't actually seen this movie recently, and I'm thankful. It was creepy, and absurd, and just not good. But the dresses are classic and the cupcake scene was hilarious:

You won't find these dresses worn to a bacchanalian [orgiastic] party; you'd be more likely to find salacious [lecherous; erotically stimulating] looks. But regardless, these women, however robotic and creepy, are fairly gregarious [friendly; outgoing; sociable] so i won't cavil [raise trivial objections].

Here's my version. Look at me go! Whisking that air like no other! So maybe it's a little prosaic [lacking imagination or excitement; dull]. I'm still developing a ken [range of knowledge] in the fashion world, and I'm searching for movies to inspire me at the moment. (Any suggestions?) I'm heading out to the library later to pick up divers [several] great films.

Dress, made by me. Cardigan, Talbots Kids! (I love digging through old clothes to find they totally work and still fit!). Earrings, Target.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to NYC with Lemon and some guy friends tomorrow and I am ebullient! [bubbly; overflowing with excitement] I hope this post wasn't too abstruse [difficult to understand] what with all the vocab throwing up on you! Seriously, you don't have to read the text if it's too much. I understand. Have fun all of you in the nexus [connected group] of style bloggers!

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Richel said...

making cupcakes and looking spiffy at the same time sue is fun.

Wendy said...

Looks like drama and you look way better than them. They look absolutely creepy!

Sugar Pop said...

good use of words I'll never remember. haha. that dress you made is really done well, I'm impressed!

You asked a while back to trade links, so, I've added you to my list :)

Sam said...

I'd love to link with you, I'm adding you right now!