Thursday, August 28, 2008

new york city is where the heart is

I'm hoooooome! New York City was a blast, as always, and my friend and I did some awesomely awesome shopping. But first! Packing for night we were there was the best part. New York City ≠ upstate NY suburb. So we could have a little more fun with these outfits, and it was very satisfying.

Skirt, Express. Beater, American Rag. Top, H&M. Slingbacks, Payless.

Cardigan, stolen from mom. Beater, Target. Skirt, Express. Shoes, H&M. Other shoes, Payless.

Skirt, H&M. Beater, Target. Tube top, Express. Shirt, used to be mom's. Flats, H&M.

Dress, Goodwill. Cardigan, stolen from mom. Belt, Borrowed. Shoes, Bakers.

I think I'm sick of stuffing vocab in these, so I'll pass for today. Maybe just a couple times a week. Otherwise, it's overkill.


Fashion Is Poison said...

you look like you're having so much fun in your pictures!


Lemon said...

i LOOOVE the black+white outfit!!
And hey! You look kind of like Juno/Ellen Page in general in it!