Sunday, August 24, 2008

new york citayyy <3

I'm going to New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday to do some MAJOR shopping. And, oh yeah, we're visiting Columbia and NYU too.

Anyway, with steely determination, I will bring home:
1. oxford pumps
2. booties
3. satchel
4. light scarf

Hmm, so these "wishlists" are pretty poorly made, but I already posted once today >-<

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Lemon said...

i shall try to help you with this mission!

Where's the vocab for this post, pray tell ? :P

LaCouturier said...

omggggg i love nyc!!

i really need to go on an intense shopping spree. badly.
please check out my blog!

Sal said...

I assume you'll be making a stop at Century 21? You betta. Especially with a list that long ...