Saturday, February 27, 2010

barack your body; rip red rainboots; ruth love

I go to a college where the students all LOVE the president, Ruth Simmons, who is indeed extremely awesome and fantastic. So in her honor and in our obsession, some genius kid designed these teeshirts and sold them on campus, and now Ruth's face can be seen on many a college student. I, of course, turned mine into a dress.
Last night, I went to a "Barack Your Body" party :] My friend and I made these appliqu├ęs to sew on our clothes temporarily. I did the same thing on Election Day in 08 (here)
RIP Red Rainboots :( is there ANY possible way I can salvage this mess?

[dress, diy teeshirt recon] [cardigan, Target] [tights, Target] [boots, Totes via DSW]

love and right triangles,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

favorite dress, or the perfect outfit in which to take a calculus midterm

If you've read my first post ever, you've seen this dress. I think besides that, I've worn this dress on one other occasion.
Tonight, I took a midterm for my math class. Sooo, obvz I decided to sequin it up.
It's also pouring rain out, and my red rainboots were a MUST.
Variations on this outfit that were not conducive to the weather situation right now:
Peeptoe patent leather? hell to the no.
I wasn't a big fan of how pop-y the shoes were anyway.
Black suede boots would have been even worse in this near-flood.
[dress, diy recon, thrifted] [tights, H&M] [red rainboots,] [blue cardigan, H&M]
[pink shoes, Payless] [green cardigan, H&M] [black suede boots, R2]

Question of the day: What's your favorite outfit color combination?

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

eighties and rainy

So...It's raining in Providence, RI. What else is new??
The forecast predicts rain for the rest of the week and this weekend as well :(
And due to said rain, I pulled out this thrifted 80s warm-up jacket I found at salvation army last semester.
I played off the colors of the jacket with a teal tee and a hot pink scarf.
Big apologies about today's photo quality - I fussed with a setting on my camera and clearly I had no idea what I was doing.

[jacket, thrifted] [tee, thrifted] [scarf, NYC] [leggings, Charlotte Russe] [boots, Totes via DSW] [headband, gift]
Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday!

love and right triangles,

Monday, February 22, 2010

blog award

I got tagged by Trishie at Under Lock and Key
and this is a particularly fun tag :]

I'm supposed to pick the tenth photo in my photo library, tell you the story about it and then tag some-a youse.

WELL. Since my iPhoto library dates back at least 7 years, I did not choose the tenth photo. Also, most of my pictures are of random people that I used to know or something, and I didn't want to post those online either. So. I chose these two pictures of one of my best friends and me in South Carolina and our hometown, respectively. They were taken within the same week, back when I was like, 14 years old, and the contrast between the weather, our clothes and our facial expressions is just too great. We were in South Carolina for a week to row (yes, I used to be a crewie! can you believe that?) and it was an awesome, awesome week. And then we came back home and it was.....snowing :(

And now for tagging...
I don't know who to tag, so I'm just leaving it at that.
(sorry for the laziness)
But this was a particularly fun tag, so you might want to just do it for fun anyway :)

love and right triangles,

sunday outing

Since I have a random Monday and Tuesday off this week, and homework is the least of our worries, my friends and I went to Boston today!
The sucky pictures were taken in the bathroom because I decided last minute to blog about this outfit.
I mean, there's nothing really exciting about it, but it's one of the only times I've taken a picture with any sort of bag. This purse is my fave - I got it in NYC on the street on the Upper West Side somewhere.
And I decided to neon it up.
Oh and these jeggings were a recon from a thrifted pair of elastic stretch jeans.

All in all, a great day. Going out of town is always fun :]

[jeggings, recon/thrifted] [shoes, forever 21] [tank, Marshall's] [cardigan, thrifted] [earrings, Aldo] [sunglasses, Venice Beach, CA]

Question of the day: What's your favorite city? 

love and right triangles,

PS: thanks for all the feedback about the giveaway! I have some ideas brewing :] If you can think of anything more, definitely let me know! Again I ask: what kinds of things would you love to win in a blog giveaway (that I can make for you)?

Friday, February 19, 2010


lotsa color again :)
PLUS today was so nice out that I didn't need to wear a coat, which made my life.
Honestly, this outfit just happened. Thought process: hmm plum-tights-that-i-haven'' Yep that was it.
And for serious, after the 24 hour period from wednesday to thursday evening during which i attended one class, wrote two essays, worked three shifts, and slept four hours, this friday and coming long weekend could not have been more welcome. (ps: thanks for all your comments on said stressful period)
 (oh noes you can see my awfully unpedicured toes!)
[tights, Target] [skirt, diy recon from thrifted shorts (honestly who would have worn this as shorts?!)] [purple tank, Old Navy] [yellow tunic (worn as tank), Old Navy] [shoes, Payless] [belt, thrifted] [cardigan, H&M] [watch, NY&Co] [nail polish, mixed by me]

This weekend, I'm planning a giveaway for you! So:
Question of the day: What would you be super excited to win (that I can sew or make)?

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

full speed ahead

UGH life is so busy for the next couple days. I have two papers to write and three shifts to work and classes and meetings to attend, and clothing to sew! And tonight, it is physically impossible for me to get more than four hours of sleep.
But I do have a four-day weekend because the school decided we needed a break. MAJOR THANKS.
The break is MOST CERTAINLY needed.
 [dress, senior teeshirt recon] [cardigan, NY&Co.] [scarf, vintage, gift] [leggings, Charlotte Russe]

The best thing about a four-day weekend where Monday and Tuesday are off is that the week following is only three days long :) It's like double goodness.

Question of the day: How do you deal with your super busy lives?
Me, I drink a LOT of coffee and put my life in the hands of adrenaline.

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh, and

happy birthday dad :)
love and right triangles,


new nails :]
I mixed this color last night out of some combination of these three nail polishes.
And I'm sort of in love with the color I got.
happy tuesday and happy mardi gras!

love and right triangles,

Monday, February 15, 2010

a lot brighter than usual

I can't explain what possessed me to put on all these supersaturated colors, but I LIKE IT :D

[dress, diy recon] [tank, Old Navy] [cardigan, thrifted] [tights, H&M] [boots, thrifted] [scarf, NYC]

anddddd nothing exciting to share today.

love and right triangles,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day

To be honest I'm always dismayed by the lack of enthusiasm for Valentine's Day. I know it's a Hallmark Holiday, and people are cynical, and it sucks for single people, and the expectations for a good valentine's day can be too much, and too much pink and red makes some people want to puke, but I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.

So I do my best to spread the cheer :)
Today, I made those cupcakes to give out to people in my dorm building.
They're strawberry and chocolate marble with pink vanilla icing and white hearts.


And I'm not the only one with Valentine's Day cheer - a friend was giving out these lollipops :]

And to wear today, even though it's Sunday and all that's on the agenda is cupcake baking and distributing and lots of homework, I made a Valentine's Day dress.
(Sans cardigan)

Whole outfit:
And see, it even has a cute little heart cut-out
 Close up it's only sort of shoddy:
And the shoes.

[dress, made by me] [tights, H&M] [shoes, thrifted] [cardigan, H&M] [watch, NY&Co]

Question of the day: How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
Follow-up: How do you feel about the movie, Valentine's Day?
Oh, and of course, Happy Chinese New Year!
Or maybe your prefer this tiger
Or.....maybe not.

love (and some extra love today!) and right triangles,

neon yellow, duh

So I know I said this would be up on my etsy daaays ago, but I fail at deadlines. But the important thing is, it's up now! :) And it's my favorite one :]
Get it HERE.

PS: From now on, I'll be doing a For-Sale-On-Etsy post only on Sundays.

love and right triangles,