Sunday, February 7, 2010

working out

I turn 19 in about two months. According to my countdown widget, I'll be nineteen in 55 days and 7 hours. WHOO HOO.

I figured it was timely to do another 18-for-18 list update, this time on goal FOUR since I haven't talked much about that at all.

FOUR get in shape and get healthy
The free access to the many fitness centers on campus is awesome, even if it comes with a price tag of fifty G's a year (oops did I say it was free access?...curious). One is right in my building and it's bright and lime green and cobalt blue which makes working out that much better.

On the other hand, between classes, homework, my i-need-a-paycheck job, having fun (which is really what college is all about, right?) and the whole etsy/blog/interweb life I lead on the side, working out regularly is not easy to do.

But I've been trying! I've found that the most important thing by far is getting plenty of sleep every night.

Question of the day: What do you do to feel healthy? Is it diet? Exercise? Sleep? Nothing?

love and right triangles,


Queen of Mayhem said...

Hi! Ok, now that I'm scrolling down you blog posts, I'm becoming obsessed! Lol, ANYWAY, I'm so happy you blogged this post because after 3 years of sitting on my butt studying computer science, I'm starting to feel out of shape.

Then suddenly a few weeks ago I decided to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon! I have the Nike+ iPod which really keeps me motivated while running.

If you ever want to talk about running, etc. shoot me an email because honestly it always help to have inspiration and motivation to run!

Ok, done with my speech now. Good luck!

Queen of Mayhem said...

opps! i meant to say that i started training for it! (ambiguous wording). so yeah, i'm a few weeks into training!