Sunday, February 7, 2010

tagged and a blog award!

Did anyone watch last week's Ugly Betty? In which she won a "BLOBBY" award for her blog? WELL. I wish we had blog award ceremonies where we could invite guest presenters and throw burritos at them.

ANYWAY. Lily at The House of Mirth tagged me with two blog awards! Yayay thank youuu Lily! (PS: you should definitely check out her blog - she sews AMAZING things)

Firstly, the Kreativ Blog Award:
And as per the award rules, Seven Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 10. This was a big deal. I used to rollerblade instead, while my friends biked sloooowly beside me. But since I was much older than the typical first-time-training-wheel-less biker, it only took me one evening to learn, and I'm glad I finally took that leap and did it!

2. I don't want to get married. But I want to have a wedding. Kind of a dilemma, no? But by now, I've conceded to the fact that I will probably end up with a husband (quel dommage!).

3. I don't believe in regret. I think regret is just a euphemism for not learning from your mistakes. I believe that everything happened for a reason, and therefore regretting it is just nonsensical.

4. I used to be a serious girly girl. Until I was five, I'd wear dresses with tights and shiny black shoes every day. And then, I learned that I couldn't wear dresses to gym class, and was forced to dress in pants at least three times a week. So then, I wore dresses every Friday as an homage to my past dressing habit. (Evidently, even as a little girl I was very fond of fashion! and hated wearing pants!)

5. Despite my girly-girlness, I used to really like worms. And frogs. And snakes. And other reptiles, amphibians and generally gross creatures. Now though, I'm not so fond of any of these animals.

6. I rarely befriend girls. At least 75% of my friends are guys, and I can't really explain why. And I'm still pretty girly.

7. I'm afraid of the dark!

Lily also sent this award my way!

So I'm tagging the following people for Seven Things and the Sunshine Award:

Have lots of fun with this!

love and right triangles,


The Style Rider said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You! You are truly so sweet and have a lovely blog!

trishie said...

Congrats on the awards!

The Owl's Closet said...

congrats on ur awards, april! thanks so much for tagging me:) it's truly an honor! i just saw that ugly betty episode this weekend lol that would be awesome to have our very own blobby awards:) i feel ya with the bike riding situation hehe i didn't learn until i was about 8 or so? 'coz i was such a scaredy cat LOL

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the sunshine award! I really enjoyed reading your "things about me"!

hiking in stilettos said...

Yea! Thanks for the award :) I was with you on being girly when I was a kid. I hated that I had to wear pants three days a week, but I hated changing for PE more!

Kb said...

Thanks so much!