Monday, February 15, 2010

a lot brighter than usual

I can't explain what possessed me to put on all these supersaturated colors, but I LIKE IT :D

[dress, diy recon] [tank, Old Navy] [cardigan, thrifted] [tights, H&M] [boots, thrifted] [scarf, NYC]

anddddd nothing exciting to share today.

love and right triangles,


CatFish said...

Wow this outfit is amazing! I wish I could put colours together like this!

Torie Jayne said...

Love the colours! Have a sweet day!

Lauren Goddard said...

That dress is so crrazyy! Love it!

x x x

Anonymous said...

how did you make the skirt?!
the color just makes me happy when i look at it

April said...

@Anonymous - It was actually already tie-dyed like that! It was a skirt that used to belong to a friend, and I chopped off the waistband and sewed it to an old teeshirt to make it a dresss :)