Saturday, February 27, 2010

barack your body; rip red rainboots; ruth love

I go to a college where the students all LOVE the president, Ruth Simmons, who is indeed extremely awesome and fantastic. So in her honor and in our obsession, some genius kid designed these teeshirts and sold them on campus, and now Ruth's face can be seen on many a college student. I, of course, turned mine into a dress.
Last night, I went to a "Barack Your Body" party :] My friend and I made these appliqu├ęs to sew on our clothes temporarily. I did the same thing on Election Day in 08 (here)
RIP Red Rainboots :( is there ANY possible way I can salvage this mess?

[dress, diy teeshirt recon] [cardigan, Target] [tights, Target] [boots, Totes via DSW]

love and right triangles,


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I LOVE THE TIGHTS. I have similar ones. They are so fantastically awesome.

It's also awesome that the students love your president.

But not so awesome that your rainboots broke.

(Over usage of the word AWESOME? Hmm.)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Andie said...

i must commend you on your lovely sequined dress from the last post! and darn! your rainboots broke? i never even knew that was possible