Monday, March 1, 2010

i'll miss you, sweaters

Number 1: This sweater is my favorite.
Number 2: These mittens have right triangles on them.
Number 3: Why did no one think of jeggings before?!
Number 4: EARMUFFS.
Number 5: My shoes are dirty/I need new onesss.

[sweater, thrifted] [jeggings, thrifted] [shoes, Aldo] [mittens, shop in Newport, RI] [scarf, NYC] [earmuffs, gift, Target]

Tonight, I worked my first shift as a safewalker with one of my best friends. Basically, we walk around campus asking people if they want to be safewalked -- the idea is to promote safety in numbers and make people feel better about walking around at night. It's a ton of fun, we just chat up people and everyone is so cool. And when we're not walking someone else, we just gossip with each other. It was pretty much the highlight of my day. Anyway, this outfit kept me nice and warm and cozy outside at night :)

love and right triangles,

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Jess said...

mm love bundling up in sweaters! and we have a similar program on my campus but its for ppl to call for walks home late at night