Friday, March 12, 2010

precious jewels

Today was apparently a jewel-tone type of day.
This circle scarf was such an epic win.
It makes me feel so luxe and the best part is, it cost me two bucks. And it's from Icing by Claire's! CLAIRES made this super soft, plush scarf - a pretty damn chic find, if I do say so myself.
[tights, Target] [dress, Express] [cardigan, thrifted] [flats, Rocket Dog via DSW] [circle scarf, Claire's]

So it's that time of year - March. When the weather is bipolar, and consequently so am I (Relient K song much?). Anyway, I'm in need of a pick me up...the reason for today's
Question of the Day: What do you do to destress? or, What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? (or you can answer both!)
Normally I'd bake cookies, go shopping or take a bubble bath, but in college those things are all kind of difficult - baking in our nasty-ass kitchen requires buying ingredients, which I can't really afford, which is also why I can't go shopping (and also because of Wardrobe Refashion), and there are no bathtubs anywhere. So what's a girl to do?

The good thing is, it's Friday.
The bad thing is, I'll be spending most of the weekend studying.
But ya know, it can only get better from here! :)

love and right triangles,


hiking in stilettos said...

I love the jewel tones! And that scarf is incredible! It looks chic but oh so cozy!

jess said...

I love the pink and blue together.