Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The photos I post on here are pretty subpar.
1. I have a sucky cheap camera.
2. The only place to take photos is inside my poorly lit dorm room.
3. I use a self-timer, and
4. I don't have a tripod.
Do you, oh mighty bloggers, have any tips for me? Seriously, anything will do.
How do I take better photos?
Also, should I edit them in Photoshop instead of iPhoto? - I'm guessing yes, it's just that iPhoto is so much less time-consuming! But I'm willing to sacrifice the convenience for better photos :)

Slightly unrelated, random favorite photos dump:

love and right triangles,


boatx2 said...

you know what editor I use that does WONDERS for my photos?

I use the free-online website, Picnik to do a majority of my editing. I do all my collages there too! Anything special I want after that, I do in Picasa. Hahaha, but hopefully when I become a Big Girl one day, I'll graduate to photoshop. But really? I'm super satisfied with the results I'm been getting so far. ^_^ Good luck, I hope you find something!

The Owl's Closet said...

hmm that's a great question, april! i also wonder how these talented bloggers take such awesome pics. i agree with the comment above, picnik is such a great tool for photo editing:)