Wednesday, March 24, 2010

etsy favorites

Since I've been failing at life as of late (and by failing, I mean last-week-before-spring-break-hecticness-therefore-no-pic-worthy-outfits)
I thought I'd show you some of my favorite Etsy items that are still for sale!

This AMAZING necklace from MissBeeDesigns (her whole shop is amazing, definitely check it out!)

And now I ask you, oh wise ones:
Question of the day: Are you an avid Etsy shopper? Yes or no, what do you think about it? Awesome? Confusing? Unique? Expensive? Tell me in the comments!!

love and right triangles,


karen said...

i used to make those lampshades in girl scouts! except they weren't lampshades...we used them for easter egg dioramas. in case you wanted to make one:
1) blow up a balloon (you can even use cool shaped ones instead of the simple round ones), 2) dip embroidery string (or yarn, rope) in mod podge (thinned with some water), 3) wrap string around balloon as you see fit, 4) let dry (don't be tempted to not let it dry completely!), 5), pop balloon and trim where you need holes. we made ornaments for our christmas tree and i turned it into a mobile for my kids room afterwards.

love your blog, you are so creative and daring!

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

Wow! I think I made one of those in Girl Scouts too. For the 2 months I was a Girl Scout. It must be a requirement. lol

I LOVE ETSY! I could probably spend our life savings on there if I wasnt careful.

I am actually planning on opening a shop of my own when we get back to the states (did I tell you that we are moving back to the US this summer?! SCARY!) for my photography business. We shall see how it goes.

But as for your things, I think you have some great ideas and I think you are going to do well. I think it just takes a bit to get going. Hang in there.