Sunday, January 31, 2010

you can CHAINge the world! muahaha

I've been working on these for a while, and they'll all be up for sale by the end of the week. For now, here's the first one!
Wonderfully modeled by my friend Hannah, this necklace is made of a recycled shampoo bottle and recycled teeshirt fabric.
It's entirely handmade, and each necklace takes about 3 hours to make.
And you can buy one here! (or you can click on any of the images above)


love and right triangles,

Friday, January 29, 2010

rah rah ah ah ah

I can't wear this shirt without singing the song in my head all day.
It's a good thing that song STILL isn't old. Which is amazing, considering how long it's been out and how often it's played and sung and referenced by everyone. It's just SO GOOD.
Today was FREEZING. Like wind slapping you in the face, cold air suffocating your lungs, face about to fall off COLD AS EFF.
And whenever it's really cold, I put on my spandex leggings. Not because they're warm. I mean, I don't even know if they're warm. But I pretend they are, and that works for me. Spandex makes no sense - it's tight, pinchy, and yet super comfortable.
And I love my snow boots. Even though they are completely unnecessary in weather like this. There's no snow and the air is so cold and dry that the roads are WHITE from dehydration and rock salt. Waterproof boots not needed.

Today, I finished reading the 6th Harry Potter for the 4839024825th time, and still, I almost cried at the end. I'm still grieving. I've only read the seventh book once, and that was after waiting at Barnes and Noble for hours to get it at midnight, and then staying up all night reading it, so I don't know how much of it I comprehended. Looking forward to reading it again.

[boots, DSW] [spandex, Dick's] [shirt, diy] [cardigan, NY&Co.] [scarf, NYC] [earrings, Claire's]

love and right triangles,

ps: ummm...the abundance of outfit posts? major lack of anything else? updates about my list to come soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today has been another super busy day. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, and it's not even over yet!
(See those pink and yellow chain-like things? They're necklaces made from shampoo bottles! I'll have them modeled and photographed this weekend and up in my etsy very soon!)
Today was the second day of classes for the semester. And in addition to attending said classes, I also worked two shifts at my cashier job. And I took a placement test. And I still have another class to go to! Blargh! But it's actually all been really great - I'm having a super radtastic day.
[skirt, diy recon] [belt, thrifted] [tank, Target] [cardigan, Target] [scarf, NYC] [boots, R2] [watch, NY&Co.] [pink tights, H&M] [fleur de lis tights, Marshall's]

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

royal flush

My face is all flushed.

This is because I had literally JUST returned from a trip to the mall. And here in collegeland, a trip means WALKING up HILLS in the COLD with NO COAT. (okay the no coat thing was my fault, but still.)

This cardigan used to be a thrifted sweater until I cut it straight up the middle and serged the edges. Easiest recon ever. Also awesomest sweater ever. Thank you, Salvation Army and your donors.
[cardigan, thrifted diy] [jeggings, thrifted] [tank, Marshall's] [scarf, NYC] [shoes, Payless] [watch, NY&Co.]

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guess who's back, back again

I spent two days packing away my life:

I spent Saturday morning accomplishing post-it note tasks:

And now, I'm back in my dorm room at Brown again! And I could not be happier about it :)
Home was getting ridiculously boring.

And now that I have places to go and people to see, I finally feel the need to get dressed every once in a while hah.

This skirt has been getting a lot of wear lately.
I'm also a big big fan of the color of these tights.
[skirt, thrifted] [tights, H&M (i think?)] [boots, thrifted] [tank, Old Navy] [cardigan, H&M]

Also, I'm super excited for more shampoo bottle jewelry to be coming to a etsy shop near you very soon :)

Classes start tomorrow which will thankfully give me something to do for a change. Happy tuesday everyone!

love and right triangles,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

lather, rinse, repeat, recycle

More stuff from recycled toiletry bottles!

These are made with an empty shampoo bottle and recycled fabric.

These are made with a travel size contact solution bottle, as you can see.

And so are these:

All on sale at my Etsy shop!

love and right triangles,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been tagged! By the lovely Becca Joy :)

So now, I'm supposed to list seven things I love and then tag seven of you! So here goes.

Right now, I love...

1. Netflix
Thanks to my Netflix subscription and my extremely lengthy winter break, I have seen more movies than I ever thought possible. And I love it. Keep 'em coming, Netflix.

2. Pilates
I was doing it on the floor of my bedroom until said floor became a pile of clothing and fabric atop my pilates mat. If it ever gets picked up, pilates will mosdef be happening on said floor once more.

3. Corn Pops
Disgusting and ridiculously sugary, but I can't resist eating handfuls :) I've found in the past they go wonderfully with clementines. Who knew?

4. Harry Potter
I love that I can read the series over and over and over again, as a sort of tradition. And every time, that boy charms me. (I'm currently on the fourth for the katrillionth time.)

5. Twitter
I'm only slightly ashamed in saying that I am officially a tweeter (follow me @shopapez!). I follow celebrities I love, like Charlyne Yi, Rainn Wilson and Anderson Cooper, but I also follow celebs I despise/don't care for, like Taylor Swift, Oprah and Paris Hilton. Why? Because I'm a creep.

6. Jeggings
I bought two pairs for less than $5 total from the Salvation Army. I wear them almost every day like it's nobody's business. They're amazing. It's like not wearing pants, but no one can yell at me for going pants-less in public! And I do detest pants.

7. Romantic Comedies
Going along with #1 of this list, Rom-Coms are my new passion. I've watched a gajillion, and every time my eyes tear up, my heart leaps and I wish I was in love. And I ask the world, SOULMATE WHERE ARE YOU?! Quite bittersweet, actually.

And now, to tag seven of you lovelies. 
Alice Point
The House of Mirth
Heliotrope Tree House
Modern Marie
Pink Blue Whale
And of course anyone else who'd like to do this is more than welcome! Picking seven out of the bajillion blogs I follow is not easy.

love and right triangles,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I go back to school on Saturday and I could not be more anxious. Home is so boring! Especially when everyone else is already back at school and you've been home for almost five weeks.

Today I went to the dentist, got my passport renewed, watched Big (love Tom Hanks!).

Just another super exciting day in my town.

Mah bootz.
The snow that fell the other day/yesterday. It flurried today. Wet and icky but I like the pretty whiteness :)
[top, Urban Outfitters] [skirt, thrifted] [leggings, Charlotte Russe] [boots, DSW] [tank, Target]

love and right triangles,

Monday, January 18, 2010

midnight blues

I just bought this cheap nail polish at Target the other day. I'm pretty much smitten.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off and appreciating MLK!

love and right triangles,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

if i had a million dollars...

first, i'd buy an apartment in new york.
then, i'd buy a house in los angeles.
then, a house in paris.
also montreal.

then i'd fill them all with awesome things, like art and furniture.
then with the rest of the money, i'd buy lots of clothes. and shoes. like these:

this shirt. (i originally saw it on another blog but i can't remember which one)

probably some other stuff too. like designer shoes!

love and right triangles,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

recently watched movies

I have seen entirely TOO many movies lately. The combined force of me being home for winter break AND having Netflix is just bad. I've watched at least twelve movies. Here are eight.

Up in the Air

 I absolutely LOVED this movie. It was perfect in every way. Made my Top 10 of All Time instantly after walking out of the theatre. It would have made my Top 5 but that's already been filled.

George Clooney is a lot older than me (ha) but he is sexy. All of the acting, directing, writing, everything was fantastic. GO SEE THIS MOVIE if you haven't already. And invite me! I'd gladly see it again :)

Sherlock Holmes 

Oh, Robert Downey Jr. Oh, Jude Law. Oh, Rachel McAdams. I love you all.


Netflix recommended this movie. It was good, but weird. I didn't really get it until I stalked the IMDb forums about it. But still, Zooey Deschanel is another favorite of mine. And I really liked this coat she wore, so much that I took a screenshot to share:

Zooey is definitely a fashion inspiration.

Youth in Revolt

I am in LOVE with Michael Cera. And honestly, that is probably the only reasoned I shelled out eleven (yes, ELEVEN. damn you, Los Angeles) bucks to see this movie. I expected mediocrity. But I actually really loved it, beyond the whole Michael Cera being my one and only thing. He usually/always plays the same character, but in this, he was both himself and Fran├žois Dillinger, French badass extraordinaire. He was a totally different personality and he did it well. And can I just tell you how much I fell even MORE in love with Michael Cera?! Now, I not only want Paulie Bleeker, Nick (avec ou sans Norah), Michael Cera (in Paper Heart), but I also want Fran├žois Dillinger. PLEASE. thankyou.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

I found this movie on Netflix, along with a slew of other fashion-related documentaries. This just happened to be the first one I watched. It was really nice to see the man behind the famous red gowns (which he doesn't even really like!). Put me down as a fan of Mr. Valentino and this film.

The House Bunny

I cracked UP watching this movie. It was hilarious. My favorite line? "The eyes are the nipples of the face." Just so much goodness.

Vanity Fair

Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses. Legally Blonde is my all-time favorite movie (and I'm not embarassed one bit. Take that, episode of The Office in which Ryan the Temp starts a fire and everyone goes outside and hangs out in the parking lot!)

This movie was pretty enjoyable. That's really all I have to say about that.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (...sorta)
I had to force myself to read this book. It took all my willpower to get through it to the end. It was torture. All I wanted to do was track down the annoying-as-hell shopaholic, cut up all her credit cards and scream at her until she was too paralyzed to shop anymore.

Which is why I waited so long to watch the movie. It was sitting there all innocent in my Netflix Instant Queue, so I though, why not? At the very least, I can look at her crazy designer clothes. Well. I only got through the first half hour when I realized my hair was in danger of being ripped straight out of my scalp from the unbearable pain and anxiety I get from this movie/book franchise.

Maybe it's because I'm afraid that I'll become her when I'm older and get sucked into the vortex of credit cards. But seriously, I just want to tell her, Woman, get a hold of yourself.

Have you watched any good movies lately? Or any of the above gabajillion movies? What did you think?

love and right triangles,

Friday, January 15, 2010

today, i...

Today was a pretty darn successful stash-busting day.

This necklace was made from a recycled satin shirt, some silver chain and - get this - an empty shampoo bottle.

If anyone is interested, I can do a tutorial, just lemme know!
(shameless: you can also buy it here!)

I also made this skirt out of an old muumuu that my grandparents made for my mom (waaaay long ago).

And lastly, a super simple necklace from a teeshirt.

all in all, a very successful day :)

love and right triangles,

doing errands

Winter break is entirely too boring. Being home sucks because most of my friends are back at school and I have nothing to do all day. And being not-at-school sucks because, well, I'm not at school.

So I decided to get out of the house today. Recycled some bottles. Bought some limes. Got blue nail polish. Returned an overdue library book. All is well.

[shirt, Garment District dollar-a-pound] [leggings, Charlotte Russe] [mocassin/slippers, Shoe Dept] [barrette, diy]

love and right triangles,