Friday, January 29, 2010

rah rah ah ah ah

I can't wear this shirt without singing the song in my head all day.
It's a good thing that song STILL isn't old. Which is amazing, considering how long it's been out and how often it's played and sung and referenced by everyone. It's just SO GOOD.
Today was FREEZING. Like wind slapping you in the face, cold air suffocating your lungs, face about to fall off COLD AS EFF.
And whenever it's really cold, I put on my spandex leggings. Not because they're warm. I mean, I don't even know if they're warm. But I pretend they are, and that works for me. Spandex makes no sense - it's tight, pinchy, and yet super comfortable.
And I love my snow boots. Even though they are completely unnecessary in weather like this. There's no snow and the air is so cold and dry that the roads are WHITE from dehydration and rock salt. Waterproof boots not needed.

Today, I finished reading the 6th Harry Potter for the 4839024825th time, and still, I almost cried at the end. I'm still grieving. I've only read the seventh book once, and that was after waiting at Barnes and Noble for hours to get it at midnight, and then staying up all night reading it, so I don't know how much of it I comprehended. Looking forward to reading it again.

[boots, DSW] [spandex, Dick's] [shirt, diy] [cardigan, NY&Co.] [scarf, NYC] [earrings, Claire's]

love and right triangles,

ps: ummm...the abundance of outfit posts? major lack of anything else? updates about my list to come soon.


Heliotrope Tree House said...

That shirt is DA BOMB (in all caps!) My daughter and I LUV that song. And yes, you are right, we never tire of it, which is very odd considering how often we hear it, which is every time we turn on the radio. I would love to make a shirt like that for her, but I don't know if I have the patience!
You look great in your outfit. By the way, I noticed you get a lot of scarves in NYC. Where did you get all of those pretties? (Cuz' we live in Staten Island!)
Enjoy the day!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You're so awesome. I think it has to do with your totally FIERCE poses. LOVE IT.

And I love your blog name. I just had a test on trig ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!