Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been tagged! By the lovely Becca Joy :)

So now, I'm supposed to list seven things I love and then tag seven of you! So here goes.

Right now, I love...

1. Netflix
Thanks to my Netflix subscription and my extremely lengthy winter break, I have seen more movies than I ever thought possible. And I love it. Keep 'em coming, Netflix.

2. Pilates
I was doing it on the floor of my bedroom until said floor became a pile of clothing and fabric atop my pilates mat. If it ever gets picked up, pilates will mosdef be happening on said floor once more.

3. Corn Pops
Disgusting and ridiculously sugary, but I can't resist eating handfuls :) I've found in the past they go wonderfully with clementines. Who knew?

4. Harry Potter
I love that I can read the series over and over and over again, as a sort of tradition. And every time, that boy charms me. (I'm currently on the fourth for the katrillionth time.)

5. Twitter
I'm only slightly ashamed in saying that I am officially a tweeter (follow me @shopapez!). I follow celebrities I love, like Charlyne Yi, Rainn Wilson and Anderson Cooper, but I also follow celebs I despise/don't care for, like Taylor Swift, Oprah and Paris Hilton. Why? Because I'm a creep.

6. Jeggings
I bought two pairs for less than $5 total from the Salvation Army. I wear them almost every day like it's nobody's business. They're amazing. It's like not wearing pants, but no one can yell at me for going pants-less in public! And I do detest pants.

7. Romantic Comedies
Going along with #1 of this list, Rom-Coms are my new passion. I've watched a gajillion, and every time my eyes tear up, my heart leaps and I wish I was in love. And I ask the world, SOULMATE WHERE ARE YOU?! Quite bittersweet, actually.

And now, to tag seven of you lovelies. 
Alice Point
The House of Mirth
Heliotrope Tree House
Modern Marie
Pink Blue Whale
And of course anyone else who'd like to do this is more than welcome! Picking seven out of the bajillion blogs I follow is not easy.

love and right triangles,


The Owl's Closet said...

what a fun tag! i enjoyed reading the seven things u love:) wow, u scored some good deals on the jeggings! hehe jeggings are starting to grow on me lol:D

Della said...

Netflix is amazing, especially for romcoms. Sniff.

LML said...

thanks for tagging me - i cant wait to do it!

netflix is def something im loving right now - im renting glee!

Lily said...

Hi April! Thanks for tagging me. I've done it. Urgh! Pilates is evil! I can't do it at all. (Actually, all exercise is evil...)

Kym said...

i'm with you.. i totally love romatic comedies!!!!! i could watch them all day! haha! ;P