Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GA GA ooh la la

About this teeshirt:

I started with a plain big-on-me teeshirt.

After resizing and such, I cut out letters out of masking tape sheets that I made on overhead transparency paper. (I would have used contact paper but I don't know where mine disappeared to!)

Then I spray painted it with silver metallic spray paint from Lowe's.

After letting it dry, I peeled off the tape.

 It's sort of metallic-y.

I asked my friends for their favorite fun song lyric. And out came their New-Birth-Mas presents.

I used neon pink on the light blue and neon orange on the darker blue.
But the orange on blue FAILED.
So I re-did it on a lighter shirt.

He very much enjoyed his new shirt. And indeed he was 'stylin' and bein' fly.' :)
(I don't have any pictures of the other one finished, but it was definitely crazy and wild)

love and right triangles,


Elizabeth said...

This is a great idea. They really turned out well. (I came over from Wardrobe Refashion).

Lily said...

Wow! What a clever girl you are!

jess said...

Cool shirts, I love that Lady Gaga song. Oh and on my dress they are fabric circles.

glueckliche.hummel said...

What an fun idea!
I liek your grey/glittery shirt a lot.