Wednesday, January 27, 2010

royal flush

My face is all flushed.

This is because I had literally JUST returned from a trip to the mall. And here in collegeland, a trip means WALKING up HILLS in the COLD with NO COAT. (okay the no coat thing was my fault, but still.)

This cardigan used to be a thrifted sweater until I cut it straight up the middle and serged the edges. Easiest recon ever. Also awesomest sweater ever. Thank you, Salvation Army and your donors.
[cardigan, thrifted diy] [jeggings, thrifted] [tank, Marshall's] [scarf, NYC] [shoes, Payless] [watch, NY&Co.]

love and right triangles,


Heliotrope Tree House said...

Oh, how you inspire me, April!
As I sit here on two hours sleep...My 5 year old little girl was up all night vomiting! Yuck..Anyway, I see that bright sweater and your easy diy explanation, and that outfit with all of the great color...and I just SMILE! Thank you so much for the light you send into the world!
You already inspired me to find some great sweaters at Sal.Army! Now I'm going back to make a cardigan! A million thanks! xo

glueckliche.hummel said...

I love your sweater, I`m all jealous!