Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guess who's back, back again

I spent two days packing away my life:

I spent Saturday morning accomplishing post-it note tasks:

And now, I'm back in my dorm room at Brown again! And I could not be happier about it :)
Home was getting ridiculously boring.

And now that I have places to go and people to see, I finally feel the need to get dressed every once in a while hah.

This skirt has been getting a lot of wear lately.
I'm also a big big fan of the color of these tights.
[skirt, thrifted] [tights, H&M (i think?)] [boots, thrifted] [tank, Old Navy] [cardigan, H&M]

Also, I'm super excited for more shampoo bottle jewelry to be coming to a etsy shop near you very soon :)

Classes start tomorrow which will thankfully give me something to do for a change. Happy tuesday everyone!

love and right triangles,


betz said...

i love how you played with colors. wow, that's a lot of things to-do.


Winnie said...

Your room looks lovely and I am in love with your bright tights too!

Also, thanks for the link to that dress, it's pretty awesome!