Friday, January 15, 2010

today, i...

Today was a pretty darn successful stash-busting day.

This necklace was made from a recycled satin shirt, some silver chain and - get this - an empty shampoo bottle.

If anyone is interested, I can do a tutorial, just lemme know!
(shameless: you can also buy it here!)

I also made this skirt out of an old muumuu that my grandparents made for my mom (waaaay long ago).

And lastly, a super simple necklace from a teeshirt.

all in all, a very successful day :)

love and right triangles,


Della said...

Okay, that shampoo bottle necklace is wicked...and to think I just recycled mine today. I think I'm going to go dig in my bins now.

glueckliche.hummel said...

Hi April!
I love that braided necklace!!!
So simple, but fab and the color is just gorgeous.
The skirt is cute, too.
And thanks for your nice comment on my blog.