Monday, February 22, 2010

blog award

I got tagged by Trishie at Under Lock and Key
and this is a particularly fun tag :]

I'm supposed to pick the tenth photo in my photo library, tell you the story about it and then tag some-a youse.

WELL. Since my iPhoto library dates back at least 7 years, I did not choose the tenth photo. Also, most of my pictures are of random people that I used to know or something, and I didn't want to post those online either. So. I chose these two pictures of one of my best friends and me in South Carolina and our hometown, respectively. They were taken within the same week, back when I was like, 14 years old, and the contrast between the weather, our clothes and our facial expressions is just too great. We were in South Carolina for a week to row (yes, I used to be a crewie! can you believe that?) and it was an awesome, awesome week. And then we came back home and it was.....snowing :(

And now for tagging...
I don't know who to tag, so I'm just leaving it at that.
(sorry for the laziness)
But this was a particularly fun tag, so you might want to just do it for fun anyway :)

love and right triangles,


betz said...

it's nice digging up the forgotten photos of our photo library. it never fails to make us smile.


hiking in stilettos said...

this is fun! i love the contrasting weather!

trishie said...

Oh wow, you're right about the contrast in weather. Hope you had fun with the tag!

Andie said...

ahaha thats a funny story, sucks when that happens, although for me its always the oppposite. its nice and cold abroad and then i go home and its like hot as an oven. poo

Maskenlady said...

Cute pictures :)