Wednesday, February 3, 2010

rip blue tights

I haven't bought any new tights this winter, and I threw away a lot of tights last fall, and the rest of my tights are getting a rippy and holey. 
Conclusion? I should start investing in better quality tights.

The shitty photo quality is due to the fact that I cannot find my SD card, and I had to resort to using Photobooth to take today's outfit pictures.
And here you can see that giant patch of skin caused by these Target tights.
This sweater is yet another thrifted-awesome-sweater-find-diy-recon. The color and chunkiness was way too awesome to pass up, but it had this really awful mock turtleneck that was coming undone. So I scoop-necked it and finished it by adding a band of recycled teeshirt in the same color.
[earrings, Target] [dead tights, Target] [blue dress, Express] [black cami, Old Navy] [sweater, diy & thrifted] [snow boots, DSW]

Question of the day: What can you tell me about bloglovin? How does it compare to Google Reader? Should I get one? Would you follow me on it?

love and right triangles,


Della said...

I use google reader so I can't help...sorry. :) I love google reader, it's pretty cool.

I need to buy new tights too...I've put runs in two pairs last week! Stinks.

Littleclouds said...

I don't know what either are. I am technomologically thick.

I LOVE the sweater! That sort of yellow makes me chipper :D

Anonymous said...

Im lovin the necklaces. I hope you wont mind if i make some of my own bottle ring creations.

course i'll plug you for the idea.