Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back to school we schlep :[

I haven't posted any outfits in the last five days because I haven't had school since Wednesday! Yay five-day weekends <3! (Though still NOT long enough...)
Lace tee, Salvation Army.
Pants, Forever 21.
Nude cami, Old Navy.
Pumps, Payless.

One of my bestest friends turned EIGHTEEN today!! And I hate him because he can vote and I am extremely envious. But I still love him, so I baked him a cake. And not just ANY cake, but a GREEN CONVERSE HIGH TOP CAKE. Because he wears black converse sneakers ALL the time, and I want him to spice it up a bit and get some green ones, or something. Kind of an old inside joke, but ANYWAY. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.



Fashion Babbler said...

wow amazing cake! It must have been so hard to eat it after putting so much work in to it!

My car accident was not fun at all, so I hope those stupid drivers at your school don't hit you. Its definitely not something worth experiencing. Oh and I live in the New England area which means we have the best foliage around :]

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

You bake too?

Wow! I am beginning to think there is really nothing you cant do. :)

Love the lace, very classy.

Sal said...

Further proof that April can do ANY DAMN THING SHE WANTS TO. That cake is a glory. A glory that rivals your fantastic teal pants!