Thursday, October 2, 2008

only sluts wear fishnets

Shopping buy #1: Black sweater-dress from Express

I've worn a black dress three days in a row this week! I usually never wear black, ever. But I think it's out of my system, and I'm planning a more colorful outfit for tomorrow :]

Anyway, this dress is superrrr comfy and I love it. And I could probably wear it every day and make it look different. Of course I won't, silly, but I could. That would be an awesome challenge -- how many looks can you make with this item? Probably a million. I should do that some day.

I need new black pumps. These are great, but I want more substantial ones. You know, taller, chunkier, not so patent-y. I'm getting sick of patent leather.

Layered Tights:

Dress, Express. Purple tanks, Rampage and Old Navy. Fishnets, Claires. Purple tights, Target. Shoes, Payless.


Fashion Babbler said...

i love layering tights too! its always so much warmer

Lemon said...

oh, i didn't even notice that about the tights! Cool!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

layering tights is an awesome trick, especially when you want to wear a certain pair that probably is too holey or thin to wear in cold weather. actually susie bubble of stylebubble had a fantastic outfit with layered tights. she wore sheer-ish white tights over bright neon pink, and the result was like this shiny pink. very cool indeed.