Sunday, October 5, 2008

i don't know why i can't take my eyes off of you

I feel so old! Even though I'm only seventeen (officially seventeen and a half as of yesterday). But I've been to FOUR homecomings, and last night was my last one ever. Craziness!

So here goes:
Homecoming (and other dances) Through the Ages!

9th grade:

Dress, Filene's? I dunno, but it was only 7 bucks.

9th grade Snow Ball:

11th grade Homecoming:

Red dress, Charlotte Russe. Shoes, Charlotte Russe.
Green dress, made by me. Belt, thrifted.

Anyway, I made my dress for Homecoming last night, and I also made my friend's!

The back is my favorite part!

My friend's dress:

And just for fun :]


Lemon said...

i like "ninth grade snowball" the best. and that last picture :)

Fashion Babbler said...

You look so pretty in all the dresses!

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

You have amazing talent. This year's dress is a brilliant color that looks beautiful on you. The pictures look like you had a smashingly good time.