Thursday, October 23, 2008

thank god it's almost friday.

It does not feel like Thursday. I don't even know what day it feels like, but all I know is, I need a few days off to DO MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS before they are due which is NEXT SATURDAY and I am so not ready and ughhhhhhh I hate the college application process.
I have another interview tomorrow, this time for Columbia which is MY DREAM SCHOOL. I hope it goes well.
I didn't actually wear this hat, but it was there, and it worked, so I figured a picture would be good...but my face, oh god it was bad. Hence the hand.

And this is what I wore last night to my friend's house for a Physics study sesh which resulted in wasting three hours watching boys be creepy and play ping pong. Ohh, what a life I live. :]

Oh and my MIT interview went well! :]

Outfit 1:
Top, Nordstrom Rack.
Pants, Forever 21.
Shoes, Payless.
Hat, Target (gift).

Outfit 2:
Wrap top, Marshall's (I'm pretty sure I bought it for a dollar!)
White tank, Marshall's.
Pants, Forever 21.
Socks, from some Regatta (I used to row)
Headband, GAP.

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Sal said...

Good luck with the interview - report back, K?