Monday, September 29, 2008

last post of today I PROMISE TO THE UNIVERSE

So I was reading this, like, yesterday, and I think everyone has a go-to outfit. Mine is basically a barfload of colors and then a cardigan on top. Always a cardigan. I'll never have enough. In fact, this morning, I was dying for a red one but alas, I only have a red leopard print cardigan, so my outfit idea failed :[

Anyway, for work today, I wore what as been my go-to outfit ever since I bought the dress and shirt and tights and shoes...which was probably last winter. But I have worn this outfit multiple times, the exact same way. It's perfect though -- I mean, Blair Waldorf, comfy sweatshirt material, put-together button down, red tights, the most comfortable flats I own -- what more could you ask for?!?! For serious. If you can answer that, I'll give you five bucks.

Oh wait. That's a complete lie. I'm broke. I just got my measly paycheck of not-even two hundred bucks today and I plan on spending half of it on a major (if you can even count 100 bucks as major) shopping spree on Wednesday...jeez I need a rich husband to marry. (jk i'm never getting married....but that's a different story). The good thing about not having any money is I spend a lot of time at the public library where everything is free! Unless they you're a terrible person and return books late (I do all the time...bad me.)

And I swear I'm not nearly as angry as I look in the first picture! I'm all smiles.

Dress, Old Navy. Shirt, Target. Tights, Charlotte Russe. Flats, Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.


Sal said...

I can ask for a necklace. And a smile. But don't worry, you can pay me my $5 when you become deservedly rich and famous.

nv said...

lovely tights, i'm still a bit wimpy to try it out!