Friday, September 26, 2008

dieu merci c'est vendredi

happy friday!!!

after the longest week of my life, i have never been more excited for the weekend! expect me to finish two (one for me, one for a friend!) Homecoming dresses! And I mean it, if you don't make me, they might not get finished. So hassle me about it please!

yesterday(but i didn't end up wearing the boots):

Tee, Old Navy.
Dress/Skirt (the blue at the top is part of the dress), made my me from two teeshirts.
Boots, R2 via Famous Footwear.


Jeans, Guess via Loehmann's.
Pink tank, Charlotte Russe.
Cardigan/Shrug, diy recon from Salvation Army.
Flats, Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.

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Fashion Babbler said...

i love the cardigan, so cute!!