Thursday, September 18, 2008

is it friday yet?

ughh today is going to be very long and very busy and i have a Calculus test that I could very well FAIL.

some brightness to liven up the day:

Jeans, Guess via Loehman's. Cardigan, H&M. Belt, Goodwill. Shoes, Sarah Jayne via Shi by Journeys. Headband, NYC.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

don't worry, i just failed a couple of tests too. i am hating school like i have never hated before. and o yeah, this week is way too slow and long.

have fun with your test!

Lemon said...

In the ramble about that horrible quiz, j'ai completely oublie to tell you that I liked your outfit! Very calming colors yet still fun.

April said...

thankfully, the tests weren't awful. and my english teacher was out so we had an awesome sub! basically made my day.

and thanks lemon :]