Saturday, September 6, 2008

you can shock me like an electric eel anytime, MGMT.

Reactions to this video:
1. what. the. fuck.
2. Again, wtfff?!
3. whoaaaa acid trip.
4. I want to have hippy parties in the woods.
5. Is that a banana?
5. bear? really?!
7. Maybe it's a bong?
8. They caught the moon.
9. They cut the moon.
10. The moon is barfing in technicolor.
11. I want to rub moon juice all over me.
12. Wait's a horn..??
13. there are motorcycle dudes exploding out of the moon!
14. Whoaaa, lemme watch that again. I need to watch that again.

1 comment:

Lemon said...


ummmmmmm, woah.

Number 4 seconded. Kind of.

Gotta say, that was pretty imaginative. And the song is pretty good, I've never heard it before.

Mmm, I want some technicolor moon juice too.