Monday, September 15, 2008

twice in one day! blasphemy!

I decided I didn't like my outfit from earlier. So I wore a different one to work :] Anddd I know, I know, I've worn ALL of these items before in the last like, two weeks, but I don't see anyone from school at work with the exception of one person, so who really cares?

Skirt, used to be Christopher&Banks shorts, via Goodwill. Blouse, Nordstrom Rack. Belt, Salvation Army. Pumps, Payless.


Sal said...

Hey, why not? I've been known to change three times in a day, depending on the agenda. And you look gorgeous in those classic pumps.

Fashion♥er said...

Changing multiple times in one day is definately something that I do.. at least once a week! Thanks for checking out my blog, and showing me yours! It's awesome and I love your style!