Saturday, September 20, 2008

extremely in-your-face colored hippie.

So I don't actually look like a hippie, but I am wearing my Peace sign earrings and tonight I sat in a grassy field and made a hippie headband from those tall grassy things that look like wheat. :] And I wore my black boots that I wore earlier today, and I really wished they were brown fringe boots. Maybe I should become a hippie. My school is already full of them, no joke.

Anyway, this outfit is a result of me: 1. not wanting to take off my tights; 2. not wanting to wear a skirt; 3. really digging the colors of these shorts.

I have not been feeling myself lately. And it's probably a combination of college applications, schoolwork, and my ex-boyfriend being really obnoxious. That is why I was sitting alone in a grassy field making hippie headbands. But I enjoyed thoroughly. :]

Shorts, Marimekko for H&M. Tights, Target. Cardigan, Eddie Bauer. Belt, H&M. Earrings, NYC.


Sal said...

Can't blame you for not wanting to take off those tights - hot pink RULES.

Sara♥ said...

I LOVE this outfit! I wish I could pull this off, but I would never make it look... well, anything but mis-matched.

gliffyfille said...

wow, so bright! i'm too afraid to pull off bright colors. you can pull them off fershure :D