Wednesday, September 24, 2008

almost vintage

This skirt used to be a pair of reeeeally old shorts that were in my mom's closet. I died it this shade of blue because the floral print used to be on white, which just looked awful. It's SO close to being vintage, only one or two years off. :] They were my mom's first item of American clothing when she came from China all those many years ago!

I switched it up a little...

Skirt, used to be mom's shorts.
Green tank , Old Navy.
White tank, Hanes men's A shirt.
Cardigan, JCpenney? I don't know, it's pretty old.
Flats, H&M.
Earrings, China.


Lemon said...

woah i saw the first picture and was like, "if april were wearing green kicks that would be such a FLY outfit" or some other adjective. Maybe vintage. Like lime green keds or something?

Andie said...

i like the skirt/shorts and the cardigan :) cool blog, wanna swap links :D