Wednesday, September 17, 2008

who the hottest in the world right now, just touched down in london town

Last night I made this dress while helping a friend with his physics homework =) I'd say both the dress and the physics were successes.

The dress itself.

Close-up of floral. it's ridiculous how many colors are in this!

The X-back.

I wore this to school with a green pashmina, but I didn't put that on until after I took the pics, so just imagine some lush falsely labeled 50% silk/50% cashmere fabric around my neck (bought from Chinatown in NYC, 3 for $10).

Dress, made by me. (The fabric came from this dress I found at Salvation Army that appeared to be handmade too.)
Cardigan, Eddie Bauer. Tights, Charlotte Russe. Pumps, Payless.


Sal said...

What SKILLZ you have.

April said...

aw thanks! :]

Fashion Babbler said...

jeeze way to be talented! love the dress