Thursday, April 9, 2009

say it with me: SPRING. FREAKING. BREAK.

Finallyyy school is DONE (at least for a short while). And the weather is gorgeous! A fantastic turnaround from icky, rainy and SNOWY yesterday.

I'm in denial. It's summer, okay? OKAY? Okay good. And yeah, I know this is why I keep getting sick, but I LIKE IT TO BE SPRINGY/SUMMER IN MY HEAD, and we're going to keep it that way.

These sunglasses ROCK.

skirt, supahhh fast and easy DIY.
tank, Urban Behavior.
cardigan, H&M.
shoes, NY & Co.
belt, Forever 21.
sunglasses, H&M.
earrings, Bakers.
toenail polish, NYC Color.


Sal said...

Enjoy your break, doll!

Maverick said...

Ohh, wow, I love the colors you put together in this outfit. It looks fab :)

Hope you have a fun spring break!!
...I wish I was on spring break :(
Nice blog :)

xo mavi