Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is the definition of neontastic.

I bought this neon green stretch lace fabric off of eBay (here) and it is AWESOMEEEE. Made these leggings today, and I just want to wear them every day, with everything, even though that would just result in eyesores and headaches :P And they work perfectly with my painted shoes, and THIS SWEATER. Can we talk about this sweater?! Found and purchased at good ole Salvation Army :)

shoes, diy painted (original white shoes from H&M).
leggings, diy made from scratch.
sweater, thrifted.


Fashion Babbler said...

such a fun outfit!!
thanks for the happy birthday, i'm so behind on reading blogs that I only just saw that it was your birthday recently too. So a big happy belated birthday, yay for us both being 18 now!
And yes I have decided on a college, I will be going to UNH!You will be at brown right, congrats on that! see i'm catching up with my reading lol

Skooter said...

Totally in love with this outfit, it's fantastic XD.