Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The cool-cats in the hats

Last night I went to see The Dark Night (which, by the way, was amazing!) and since we had to get to the mall so early in order to get tickets, we had time to discover this little vintage store and TRY ON HATS C:

And also, what we wore:

My friend and Sal's buddy :]
Skirt: Salvation Army
Top: Delia's
Shoes:Used to be her mom's
Clutch, Necklace, Scarf: Not sure/gifts/taken from cousin's Brazilian gf

And me.
Dress: Forever 21, $13
Belt: Claire's, $3
Flats: DSW, $15(waaay before everywhere started carrying leopard flats, tyvm!)
Earrings:Somewhere in NYC, $3
Bag: NY&Co, $10 (i think)
Watch: West Point Military Academy gift shop, $15 (yeah, i know, what an odd find!)


Lemon said...

ahahahha hats
nice pics :)

it's cool that the watch is from west point, who would've thought? Scioly excursion?

MONI said...'re too cute!! ...sure lets trade link..

Lemon said...
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Mirthe said...

Nice outfits!