Sunday, July 20, 2008

project! paint, earrings and shoes

I've been trying to clean and organize my room for a while (Read: my entire life). It's still a hopeless cause. But at least now, I have a floor and a legitimate BED. (I used to sleep on a mattress on the floor.)

My weekend project:
I broke out the paints to make this earring holder. I have about 80 billion pairs of earrings and they always end up getting lost or misplaced or broken or accidentally thrown in the garbage. I take really good care of my stuff.

And while I had the paints out, I decided to work on painting these shoes. They started as all black canvas, and then I half-assed a paint job a while ago and have been wanting to gussy them up some more. I'm still not in love with you have any suggestions?

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