Friday, July 18, 2008

yo it's ape-z; and my First Photoshoot Ever

This is kind of a double whammy: an intro to who I am and whatnot, and some photos.

First things first. I'm April, and yes I was born in April. I'm seventeen and I live in New York (but not the city). I made this blog because I've been spending the last few days poring over style blogs, and I am so inspired and envious of it all. So why not make my own? Anyway, I'm a designer, a diy-er, a shopaholic, a broke high schooler, a creator, an artist, and a math nerd.

Those blogs off to the side there [----------->] are the most of the ones I have been digesting as of late. They are amazing!

Without further ado.

This is a super awesome sequin-tastic mini sweater dress that was once a huge sweater that I found at The Salvation Army.
Dress: refashion Tights: Target Shoes: Payless

Dress: me Long Sleeve: Old Navy Shoes: Charlotte Russe Necklace 1: was once nana's Necklace 2: Forever 21

Dress: Talbots, by way of Salvation Army tank: Old Navy shoes: Xhilaration (Target)

<3 thanks to my lil sis for letting me force her into taking these pics!

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Tavi said...

I am in hardcore LOVE with the sequin dress. What a great find!
I look forward to seeing more, your blog is already awesome and very VERY promising!